Sunday, October 26, 2008

I Completely Forgot...

about Fun Photo Friday! Dang it!!! Let's see what kinda goods I got for you today.

These are from our AWESOME Halloween Party. Everyone had a BLAST!!! It was a lot of fun for the kids and adults alike. The weather was perfect. The hubbies were well behaved. Us moms chit chatted. It was all good!!! Seemed to be a lot of people getting hurt though... guess it's not a real party until someone starts bleeding right.

Lexi came in 3rd place in the costume contest. She was a monster bride.

Cate came in 2nd. She came as herself but she was supposed to be dressed as Dora. I almost voted for her (as the tie breaker vote).

First place went to Wyatt. He was the cutest little cowboy ever!

Us moms dressed up too. But Brittini took the top prize with her awesome Miss Piggy costume!! She looked amazing. I was dressed as Abby from NCIS but of course no one knew who I was and thought I just dressed like that all the time HA! Christina made a slight effort... I give her at least a little credit. There was a pumpkin shirt and a cute headband involved. Tiffany came as a Clampett, Ellie, I think she said. I didn't know that was who she was but that's ok, she was still cute as pie.

Speaking of pie... the pie eating contest was the BEST part of the entire party. Those will definitely be the money making shots. They are hilarious. Tiffany and Mike won that contest. It was pretty much a tie. They frickin devoured a half of a pie in no time flat. I was laughing too hard and just couldn't get the pie to go down... it was fun as hell though.


Tiffany said...

Nope I totally won fair and square - Mike left stuff on his plate LOL I can't believe he didn't win by a long shot. Guess thats why I'm fat huh? haha

We had a GREAT time - it was totally an awesome halloween party! I'm pretty sure it couldn't have been better!

Bri said...

LoL Whatever! You are just a human vacuum HAHAHA! The veggie pizza was yummy too!!!

Bri said...

P.S. Mike's plate looked like it was licked clean LMAO