Monday, October 27, 2008

Seven - no, not the movie

I've been tagged by Beth over at C. Beth Blog so I am here to fulfill my tagging duties (because it's not like I have motherly and wifely duties I should be doing, heehee!)

Apparently I have to reveal 7 things that you (a.k.a. the blogging world) doesn't know about me. This is going to be tough. I don't have the greatest memory but I sure will try to think of seven interesting (well, maybe semi-interesting) things you don't know but would like to file away in your useless knowledge area of your brain. So here goes...

1. I was a pregnant teen. That pregnancy ended in a stillbirth in 1999. My angel's name is Abrielle.

2. I was engaged for the first time when I was 17. That ended shortly after my stillbirth.

3. My husband was my date to our high school military ball (freshman year). We didn't start dating until 4 yrs later when he asked me to his college military ball (freshman year). That time turned out a lot better.

4. I dressed up as the Easter Bunny when I was 15. I was working at a greenhouse and got recruited for that task. It wasn't gross or traumatizing. LoL

5. I wrote my first poem (that I remember) when I was 12. I can recite it almost word for word. I get tripped up at some parts since it has been 15 yrs since I wrote it. I'll give it a try though.
"While at the beach staring at the sky, I was eating a peach when I saw something fly by.
When suddenly it hit me, a boot from the sky. So I thought up a creation of a boot that could fly.
The wonderful creation, yes she was a beauty. And thee who flew it, yes he was a cutie.
He flew east and west, north and south, but the cutie inside never opened his mouth.
One day as he flew up above, I suddenly realized that I was in love.
As he landed on the ground, he didn't make a sound. Yet he invited me in, for a cool glass of gin.
Without a word we began to make love, as we soared off the ground like a plain white dove.
He finally spoke and he got down on one knee and said to me, 'Brianna, will you marry me?'
I gleemingly said yes, with a little laughter. And me and him lived happily ever after."
*Yes, I wrote that at the age of 12, referencing alcohol, sex and marriage.

6. I have two tattoos. The first I got for my daughter, Abrielle, when I was 19. It is on my lower back, a cross with her initials. The second I just got in July while I was in California. It is my zodiac symbol and some stars on my foot.

7. Seven is the number of times I have been pregnant. Besides the five living children (at least for the time being, they aren't behaving so well right now) and my angel baby, I also had a miscarriage when I was 7wks along in July 2003.

Alright, I hope those were good enough. Thanks for tagging me, Beth. Now if I only knew 7 people to tag HA! Kidding... of course I will tag some of my regulars... Tiffany, Christina and Special - K (I don't think they have been tagged yet). And let's see... how about Anna, Kama and Trace. Get to it, mamas!


Tiffany said...

I had been tagged already and it's been up on my blog - hello go catch up on my blog woman!!! lol

C. Beth said...

Good stuff!! Thanks for playing!

The poem is funny--I bet you felt very grown-up writing about those topics. :)

Special K said...

Thanks for the tag! I got this one awhile back...I don't think there are 7 more interesting things about me so go ahead and read the old ones!

Bri said...

oops, sorry for the re-tag LMAO

C. Beth said...

Bri--I'm putting together the art pen pal thing today. If you want to do it (Photoshop is fine as long as you can print it out and send it), just e-mail me at cbethblog (at) gmail (dot) com with your mailing address. Thanks!