Monday, October 6, 2008

I've Got the Tooth Fairy on Speed Dial

Lexi has lost three teeth in the last couple of weeks and is getting ready to lose a fourth sometime soon. The first tooth fell out in the middle of the night, I shared that story here. The second tooth was kicked out a few days later by a friend on a trampoline. It was ready to fall out, it just got a little extra motivation from a foot.

Keeping the tooth fairy on her heals and running low on one dollar bills (I only make so many in a night, HA! Kidding!), there were two more teeth just waiting to make the leap. This morning, one of them did so as she was eating her cereal. She promptly spit out her spoonful of cereal but could not find her tooth. We searched the floor but there was no little chompers to be found. The next thought was that it was in her bowl of cereal... since we are now out of milk we couldn't waste it so she went about with her breakfast keeping a close eye on finding the tooth. A full tummy and an empty bowl later and there is still no tooth.

Only one more possibility. Yup, we think she swallowed it. She is pretty distraught over this. Probably thinks the tooth fairy won't come now. Maybe I can grab one of the other teeth that she has lost and pull it off as the one that fell out, pretend like I found it while she was at school. That way the tooth fairy still has something to come for and she doesn't freak out about swallowing her tooth. She is probably regretting not letting me pull it when I offered 30 seconds before losing it.


Anna said...

she can always write the tooth fairy a note about swallowing her tooth! those always come in handy!

Becky said...

I remember my brother lost one in the middle of the night, and apparently swallowed it because my mom never found it. I'm not sure what she did about the tooth fairy situation, though! I like the idea of writing a note for the tooth fairy.

mendyc said...

She could always write the tooth fairy an IOU and give it to her later. :P

Bri said...

Ummm, yah. Im NOT trying to find that one HAHAHAHA! I told her she had to write a note. Seemed to work for her. Thanks for the idea ladies!