Saturday, October 25, 2008

Work, Work, All Day Long

That is what is on my agenda for today. My clothes are in the dryer and I have to leave in an hour. No breakfast for me... seems to make my tummy hurt the instant I get to work. I don't know what it is. I swear, I must be allergic to work. LoL

I work 10 -8 today and it is dress down for two bucks. I'm really looking forward to wearing my cute jeans to work (hope they are dry in time). Kinda wish the dress down was tomorrow so I could wear part of my costume so I will be mostly ready for the Halloween Party we are having after work.

My boss called me last night to let me know about dress down and to tell me that we are going to be swamped today. I already knew that because I checked the appt schedule yesterday and DAMN we are double booked like almost every half hour. I bet a lot of people are trying to get in Halloween pictures before Halloween.

I am working the sales table so I pray that it goes well. I know I will do better oohing and ahhing over pictures I didn't take or see until I brought them up on the computer at the sales station. I'm hoping to sell tons of collections, lots of in studio prints and not have people sitting at my table so indecisive as they have been lately.

Last Sunday, I didn't leave work until almost 8pm. We close at 6. I had a family come in at 530 to have portraits done and the little girl just didn't want to cooperate and then the family didn't like any of the pictures. I ended up talking them into a bronze collection instead of using their $9.99 coupon so it all worked out but John was waiting to pick me up since 545 when he came in with the kids because they had to pee. So this week he says I am driving myself because he is not waiting 2 hrs for me again and missing the Ohio State football game. I don't blame him really... but he could have waited until I was getting ready to leave work and thought "Crap, John dropped me off" HA!


Special K said...

Happy big working day today Bri! I would love to do picture people if I could wear earplugs. All the chaos drives me to a headache.

Special K said...

Bri- was it you who was offered free ADT? I saw this craig's list ad today!