Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mini Teens - Part Two

In addition to this post found here that was meant to be funny, I wanted to point out that I am SERIOUS!

The mini teens have taken over my house. They have the attitudes and the appetites to prove it. Sometimes they hit me with both at the same time. I just can't win sometimes. My cupboards seem to always be bare, unless I just got home from the grocery store and my kids are constantly talking back and using phrases like "You are ruining my life!" or just grunting. They each have their own teen qualities.

Lexi - She is 7 going on 17. I was having a yard sale with a friend when Lexi comes walking up the driveway wearing a red shirt, a mini skirt, and black knee high boots. Now, I don't mind her wearing her mini skirt or her hooker boots (as we adults lovingly refer to them) but not necessarily at the same time. She is also the drama queen of the family. Her life is not fair, I'm the worst mom ever, and heaven forbid someone touches anything that belongs to her. Frequent door slamming and screaming at her siblings are two of her favorite pasttimes. She hates cleaning her room and eating her vegetables.

Jacob - Actual age: 6 Behavorial age: 2 1/2 Now I'm no doctor so that is my best estimate. Seriously, he acts like a baby most of the time. His temper is that of a teenager though. Slams his hands when he gets mad and stomps off to his room. Playing video games is his niche. He could sit there and play 24/7 if he was allowed. This boy could eat 4 helpings of whatever vegetable is placed in front of him (except salad)... and meat, anything will do.

Kadie - This is my 4 yr old mama's girl. She wants what she wants when she wants it and there are to be no exceptions. If she is hurt, tired or upset she will not tell ANYONE, not even me, what the problem is. This is where the grunting comes in. She just scowls and grunts until she feels better. She is ALWAYS hungry. If someone else is eating, she wants to eat too.

Adam - What can I say about this little boy? Hmmm, he is a bully. He holds his own the best out of all the kids. Sara is not far behind but he just does not take crap from anyone. He could, and would, snack all day if I let him. Meals are not his strong suit. He could care less about the meat and the veggies... give him some starch and the boy is happy as a clam. Adam is the least like a teenager out of all of the kids.

Sara - At the ripe old age of 21mths this girl can pack away her food. I always joke that if she isn't crying or sleeping, she is eating. Like Kadie, if she sees food, she wants it. This girl eats cereal and a poptart for breakfast plus something to drink, then she has a morning snack, lunch, an afternoon snack, dinner and a snack before bed. If I'm eating and she isn't, she wants my food. If I'm drinking, and she isn't, she wants my drink. This growing girl eats the most out of any of my kids and puts the amount of milk needed to an all-time high in this house.

WIC (if we qualified) would never be able to cover the amount of milk we need in one month. I did the math yesterday and estimated that we could easily spend $100 a month just on milk. Maybe I should buy a cow! LoL Buying snacks at Sam's has been a saving grace for me too. If I shopped at the grocery store for them I would run out sooner, not to mention spend a ton more. And meals? Don't get me started. One pack of noodles used to be enough for Lexi, but now she is still hungry afterwards. One pound of spaghetti used to leave TONS of leftovers, now it's pretty much gone in one night. YIKES! They are eating me out of house and home. I so was not prepared to be starting this teen business for many more years.

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