Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Out of their mouths, into my ears

My kids say some strange things. They may not necessarily seem so strange to any of you but to hear these things from my kids in the context they say them... it just baffles me. I think, "How did they get so smart." or "How did they know what that was called?"

Just yesterday, on our way to cheerleading, Lexi saw something that amused her. She is almost 8 yrs old and she is my little Einstein so I shouldn't be surprised by much that she says but still, I was struck with the thought, "How did she know that was what that was?"

Lexi: "MOM! I just saw an orange and white cat on TOP of a green SUV."

I'm thinking, "What? I don't usually call them SUVs, I usually say trucks. How did she know to call it that?" I wanted to be sure we were both thinking of the same thing so I had her point out SUVs as we were driving. Sure enough, she knew what one was. It was just so strange to hear her say SUV. I know, pretty dumb, but still... LoL

Then this morning, again, she said something that made me think... "Where does she get this stuff from?" This time it was a conversation with her brother, but it was about me.

Jacob (spying my beverage of choice this morning): "Is that chocolate milk your breakfast?"

I replied, "Well, I had a hard boiled egg, and now I'm having some chocolate milk."

He must have looked baffled because then Lexi then says, "Jacob, you just don't understand girls."

Ummm, ok. Where that came from, I have no clue. She is too big for her britches sometimes. That I do know.

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