Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Disco Ball, Anyone?

That is what the emergency room doctor had to fish out of my 6 yr old's nose last night!

Ok, so it wasn't as big as a disco ball, and it was really a single bead from a Mardi Gras necklace... but still, looking up his nose to see what it was, it looked like a disco ball. Why he stuck it up his nose in the first place... he doesn't know.

After showing off their hilarious tumbling skills, the kids were sent to bed. About 15 minutes later, Jacob comes walking out of his bedroom complaining that his nose hurt. Totally kidding, I said "Well what did you stick up there?" To which he replies he doesn't know... well, he shrugs his shoulders, like he always does. I finally got it out of him that it was a piece of a necklace and realized, this was no joking matter.

We had him try blowing it out but he didn't want John touching his nose at all. He sneezed a couple of times and it moved down just a smidge. Not enough for us to be able to get out on our own. John wanted to try tweezers (my tweezers were pretty sharp too, I might add) but I refused to let him try. According to him I was being a little melodramatic when I said that I was not going to let him be responsible for his son's death. I don't think I was being dramatic at all... just cautious. It can be very dangerous and especially since Jacob wouldn't stop squirming just to blow his nose.

We head off to the emergency room (Jacob wondering if they were going to cut his nose off... maybe that part was a little dramatic, on my part LoL) and I realize, it's a full moon. Dammit, the emergency room was going to be packed. And it was. Luckily they moved everyone out of their pretty quickly... except for us, of course. We were the last ones in the waiting room. After waiting for an hour they finally called us back to triage. The nurse asks how the ball got in his nose...

"Well, you see. He wouldn't go to bed and he just wasn't listening. So for punishment I told him I would stick the bead in his nose if he didn't go to bed. As you can see, he didn't listen and I wasn't joking. He didn't believe me that I would do it. Oh, no, wait... that was the last time he got a bead stuck in his nose. This time it was because he was pretending to be a vacuum using his good nostril. How the hell do you think it got up there?!"

We went back out into the waiting room and shared an apple danish. Patients waiting to see the dr aren't supposed to have anything to eat or drink but I figured since it was only a foreign object in his nose that it wouldn't matter what was in his stomach. That danish was good even though it was probably in there for 6 months (since everything in that machine was $1, including a small bag of M&M's that a nice lady bought for Jacob earlier in the evening).

Back to curtain number 4 we were sent. We sat down on the gurney and waited. We played Monopoly on my phone, made our feet dance under the curtain, took pictures of each other, he sneezed a couple more times moving the bead just a bit more, and we waited *impatiently* for the dr to come in and ask the same thing the triage nurse did. "Magic. His sister put a hex on him and every time he doesn't listen, a bead shows up in his nose. Don't be surprised if we are back in the morning." Seriously, doc, just get the thing out. No need to call CPS on me or anything HA! I was laughing telling him again that he stuck it up his own nose. Do these things happen any other way? Really? Do they?

He leaves to go get his trusty "eye hook" which is what I am calling it (whether that is right or not, I don't care) and comes back to fish the bead out of Jacob's nose. Within 3 seconds the thing is out (and no, I don't wish that I had just let my husband do it). He reminds Jacob not to put anything in his nose again and Jacob agrees. The nurse comes to discharge us (but not before Jacob has to pee, AGAIN) and then we head home. I race Jacob to the car and we get home just after midnight.

That was my first first-hand experience with foreign objects in the body but I have a feeling it won't be my last. After all, it took almost 8 yrs for it to happen this time... and there are 3 younger children in this house. I'm scared. LoL


HnySSweet said...

I'm sorry, I know it's not funny at the time, but I had to LOL!! Poor Jacob... poor Mommy... glad it's out now! Should keep it in a memory box for him.... lol

Special K said...

Oh my goodness!!! Logan SO did this last month! Then....he did it again!!! So beware. Now that all my kids are almost over 3 years old, I have all the under-3 stuff hidden again! You never know. Logan was very solace over reading your post. He didn't know why your son chose his nose over his ear (like he chose). Life is full of surprises aint' it?

Tiffany said...

LMAO only jacob haha