Thursday, October 23, 2008

Put A Smile On Your Face

After reading C. Beth's blog, and seeing all the wonderful comments she was giving to her fellow bloggers, I wanted to come here and do the same. Hopefully my words can be as touching as hers.

Starbucks Junkie - You crack me up. I love reading your little blogs and knowing you in real life. You have become a great friend and I am going to be sad when I move. I can always count on your to gossip and commiserate with me online and in real life. Thank you for allowing me to be apart of the group that I am going to miss tremendously!!!

J.L. - I wish I could be as crafty, earth friendly, and hands-on as you are. You are everything that I wish I could be but know that I do not have the patience or the discipline to be that way. I love seeing all the crafts you pull together for your son. You are a wonderful mother and great inspiration. So down to earth and such a people person. I would love to have a friend like you in real life.

C. Beth - Thank you for all your comments and compliments on my blog and in your own blog. I love your caption below your blog title, "Musings of a Happy Mommy" because I wish I could be like you. I wish I could see the little joys even through the hard times. You seem so content in your life, I am truly envious.

Sandi - So glad to have found your blog and see you on the Jan 06 BBC. I didn't know you years ago when we all started out on that birth board but I feel like I know you now. Your photography is amazing and you tell the funniest stories. I really enjoy reading your blog... the good, the bad and the ugly.

Lia - I love your photography! Even your everyday pictures are beautiful. You have an amazing talent and seem to keep your head up even in the hardest of times. Your blog is an escape for me. To see the smiles and natural beauty shining through in the photos you take. Your kids' smiles are contagious and could make even the worst day that much better. One of these days you will take pictures for me, even if I have to make a special trip to California just for that. It would be well worth it.

Caroline - Brettism Hump Day is a major favorite. Brett comes up with the funniest things and I swear sometimes you have to be making it up. I love being able to see your kids growing up and seeing what I have to look forward to. Whether your blogs are funny or serious, I can really relate and really look up to you as the a mother I hope to be when I have teenagers.

Mommy Vern - I am not even sure how we came to be blogging buddies but I am glad to have you as a follower and love being able to follow your blog. I love that you are a young first time mom with a good head on your shoulders. Environmentally conscious and holding it all together. You would make a great mom to a full house of kids!

Kama - A mom to two boys, an Avon lady, a wife and you still find time to blog on a pretty regular basis. You rock, mama! I would be stressed beyond belief trying to hold it all together but you do it so well. Keep up the good work! Your boys are lucky to have such a successful mommy.

Tiffany - I can always count on you to read my blog and to tell it like it is. I love the bits and pieces you post on your blog about your family, whether it is DaddyZilla, the dog or the little man running the show. Short and sweet, easy to read... thanks for being a friend online and in real life. You will be greatly missed too!

P.L.D. - Not sure how you found me but I am glad you did! I love reading your blog that is all about shopping! I read all the Shopaholic books by Sophie Kinsella (have you read those?) and you remind me of the main character. Your blog is my own little online chick lit. Thank you for being a follower and giving me an outlet from my life as a mother.

I have so many others that I would like to compliment but time is just not standing still like it should. I just want to say that if I could take bits and pieces from all my blogger buddies, I could be the perfect parent! HA! So thank you for being you and allowing me to see a little bit into your lives.

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C. Beth said...

Oh, Bri, thank you so much! :) It's weird, I think blogging has helped me be more content since it helps me see the humorous side of situations that aren't always funny when they happen! But I have to give God the biggest credit for my contentment; even with all the doubts I have and mistakes I make, he gives me joy.