Friday, May 30, 2008

My New 'Do

I went to get my hair done on Sunday. I made an appt with Brenda at the JCPenney Salon. I took a picture of a makeover I did with the cut and color I wanted thinking that would make it easier than trying to explain to her what I wanted.

I get there and I show her the picture on my phone... she says "I cant see that." So I try to explain it to her and she gets this horrified look on her face. She says, "You want it black? With highlights?" To which I replied... "Yes... black as the base color, with red and blonde highlights." She says she cant do that... she is not an expert. So Im thinking... well what CAN you do? I was about to just get the blonde and red highlights when she suggested we talk to Lina, a hair expert.

Lina suggested doing black and red lowlights and blonde highlights throughout. Going all black wouldnt be that difficult but once my blonde started growing out it would look bad. Good point! Brenda didnt sound like she could do all those highlights either and suggested doing a dark brown base color with the highlights. I looked over at Lina who was shaking her head no and said, "Let me see if I can get you in today."

She looked over her schedule and said she could get me in now, it wouldnt take that long. That, I could, pissed Brenda off. I didnt care though. She wasnt a very friendly person. My sister had her a day earlier and she didnt really get what my sister wanted.

Lina cut my hair before highlighting another girl's hair. Then she came back to do my color while the other girl "processed." The whole thing took over 3 hours... from the time I got there til the time I left. It was well worth it though. I was very impressed with the outcome and EVERYONE loves it. I have yet to come across someone that hasnt liked it. Ill definitely be going back to Lina.

Here are some pics for your enjoying pleasure...




Now if only I could get my hair to look that good again! I need a personal stylist LoL

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Christina said...

Looks better in real life!!