Monday, May 12, 2008

Crying for Daddy

I hate it when he does this. He gets pissed off at me for sending him to bed... only getting him in there hours after he was first sent and now he screams and cries for his daddy as if the mere thought of being around mom is unfathomable.

He hates me when he gets like this. He cries that he wants his daddy. That he wants to live somewhere where they are nice. That he wants dad to come home right now. Where is my daddy? Screaming bloody murder at times...

And there is nothing I can do but cry too. I want all those things... I want his daddy home too. I don't want my kids to think I'm the worst parent in the world. I don't want them to hate me so much that they want to live with someone else.

I don't want to hear them cry for their dad... or feel like they were abandoned... or feel like they are stuck in a living hell. Which at times, it really is a living hell around here.

I just wish I knew how to survive these last seven weeks or so, and I hope that daddy brings home a miracle... or agrees to be on Supernanny.

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Tiffany said...

Super Nanny might work for a while but eventually they all get into the "I hate you" stage. Don't worry they will eventually realize that you weren't nearly as bad as they thought you were. Your doing a GREAT job with those kids and don't even think any different.