Sunday, May 11, 2008

Today is YOUR day!


Thunderstorms, tornado warnings and lots of rain were just a few of my mother's day gifts this year. Jacob signed a "Greatest Mom Award" for me at school and Lexi made me a ton of cute little things at school. They include, a green and yellow butterfly, a paper bag "mom" complete with red hair and yellow dress, a poem, a circle with a cutout of her hand, a card with her picture on it, a card with how much she loves me written on the inside next to a picture of her and I eating ice cream, and a fill in the blank "My Mother" card that was rather humorous. I will have to post pictures later, but you all know how good I am about uploading pictures LoL

I'm thinking about packing the kids up after nap time to get me some chinese food. I should call my friend to see if she will stop and get me some on her way home from Target. She lives right up the street and I did bring her a milkshake the other day, but then again she was watching my kids... damn, she should just do it cause she likes me LoL not cause she is nice cause that is debatable :p

It's either chinese or Texas Roadhouse or I make sausage at home. That would mean Id have to clean my kitchen though and I don't really feel like it on Mother's Day! It does need done though... and Jacob did say he wanted to make me food. Maybe Ill let him make dinner tonight and supervise. Its pretty simple to make sausage. We could have sausage, corn, mac n cheese and crescent rolls. I think he is capable of all that, don't you?

Well I better go clean up so he can eventually make us dinner. I'm hoping my hubby calls sometime today too... even though I talked to him twice yesterday, Supernanny has a question for him (yes, I'm that desperate!).


Tiffany said...

Debatable huh? I see how it is I WILL remember that! Hope your homemade meal was yummy!

Carol Beth said...

Happy Mother's Day, mother of 5! Thanks for sharing your blog on BBC! God bless your DH and bring him home safely and soon!