Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Laundry Up to My Eyeballs

Or atleast up to the top of the pack n play. That is how much laundry I still have left to fold and I (with the help of the debatable nice friend, I'm on the nice side of that debate)folded atleast 8 baskets full of clothes and took care of most of them too. Still got a bit to take care of but man am I beat.

I think I really need to cut back on the amount of clothes we all have. How many of them actually get worn? We pretty much wear the same things all the time... I just keep the extras for good measure apparently.

I dont mind doing laundry though... it's the folding part that kills me, hence the 8 baskets plus pack n play full of clothes needing folded. I think I have issues.


Tiffany said...

The debatably nice friend thinks you have too many clothes too! Oh I also agree that you have issues but then again don't we all?

Lauren said...

man I hate doing laundry!! I can't imagine having to do the amount you have! I don't envy ya!