Friday, May 23, 2008

Mom's Night Out

I finally got a mom's night... absolutely NO kids...

My babysitter got here around 6. The kids were fed and already in pjs. I was worried about getting out the door. Three out of five wanted to go with me and two of them cried as I shut the door behind me and left them in. Kinda sad...

My sister and I went to dinner. Something we have NEVER done, just the two of us... well, atleast not in a really long time. We are usually with other people or one to five kids. We went to Red Lobster. Neither of us had been in a while so it was a nice change. They werent busy at all. Even though it was a Thursday night at 630, I expected them to be busier. We got a table immediately. It took me a minute to figure out what exactly I wanted... I wanted EVERYTHING LoL I finally settled on the Ultimate Feast. My sister ordered the same. I dont think I actually finished any one thing on my plate... save for the shrimp scampi, that does NOT go to waste. I had bits of everything else left over and most of my crab legs. I wished my husband was there, if for nothing else but to finish my dinner... he is good to have around for that. Love you baby :)

Dinner was good and I was STUFFED! The waitress tried talking us into dessert but a) we had NO room for dessert, b) that would have made our bill over $70 including tip and I still had to pay the babysitter, and c) we had to go to my friend's house for drinks and jewelry (and little did I know how much I would end up spending there).

We stopped back by the house to pick up the chocolate covered strawberries I made. I sent April in so the kids wouldnt see me and freak out again. However, when she went in she left the door open and the babies decided to make their escape. I tried ducking down in my seat so they couldnt see me but I wasnt quick enough. Sara was coaxing Adam to follow her (with a backwards wave, meaning come on) and then Adam comes running up the car saying "MOOOOOOOOOOOOM!" in his most excited tone ever. Sara was more interested in the teeter totter than she was me though. The babysitter came out to get Adam and I carried Sara back in the house. She was not happy that I was leaving AGAIN, but I think she was more pissed off that I wouldnt let her play outside.

We got to my friends about 745 and my sister agreed to be the DD. She is on a drinking break. Good thing she has 50 bucks on her not drinking or else Im not sure how we would have gotten home last night. I had three tall margaritas... original, on the rocks, no salt. I dont particularly like unflavored margaritas but these were really good and definitely much better than the wine alternative (I dont do wine). We started the night chit chatting about our kids and after a few drinks ended up talking about who had sex on their wedding night and who kissed another girl. It was a fun night... even getting bounced around on the trampoline was fun. Dangerous... but fun. Thank goodness for the walls of mesh or else I probably would have ended up in the grass with the froggies. I could not stay on my feet and at one point thought I was going to break my ankle. I kept trying to get off but my sister and friend kept bouncing me... I was laughing so hard I thought I might puke LoL

I didnt puke and I didnt get kicked out of the group for being too skinny :p so it was a good night!!! Love you girls! Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you have a good time! You deserved it.