Sunday, May 11, 2008

Six Years and Counting

John and I have been married for 6 years. Yesterday was our anniversary. I was hoping to get a babysitter and spend the day at the movies and at dinner but no one would do it.

I then decided that if I could get someone to watch three of them for a couple hours I could take Jacob to the movies while Lexi was at her friend's house. The plan was the see Speedracer, that started at 135. I didn't work out the sitter until 140 so that wasn't going to work. Iron Man came on at 2 so we decided to see that instead.

Just as I was calling Jacob in the house I noticed a white SUV in my driveway. At first I was wondering who it was then it hit me... it must be a flower delivery. Sure enough it was... and can I just say, they took my breath away. This arrangement was the biggest I have ever seen and the most beautiful. I love me some red and white carnations. The card read "Baby! Here's to countless more years together! I love you." It made me teary. Good job babe (even though you couldn't remember what you picked out and told me before hand that I would be getting them), I love you too!

We got to the theater for our movie at exactly 2. This was the only movie being shown at this time and there were 10 people in line. It took us 10 minutes just to get our tickets, it was ridiculous. Then we HAD to get popcorn and candy and they only had ONE person working the concession stand on a SATURDAY!!! It took another 10 minutes there cause she was obviously training. Oh, and don't get me started on the handicapped man they have tearing tickets because it took him a whole minute to tear our three tickets and give us our stubs back. Not sure what all we missed in the beginning but it wasn't much thanks to previews, however we only made it 25 minutes before leaving. Jacob didn't like it... said it was too scary, he thought Iron Man was gonna die. I asked if it made him think of dad (the beginning was based in Afghanistan) and he said yes and that was why he wanted to leave. So we left, so much for the $32 I just spent there. We went over to Target for dog food since we were just about out and then headed over to Chick Fil A so I could get some comfort food. I deserved it for having to spend my anniversary without my husband. Now to stop eating like that so I can win my Cali Meetup Weightloss Challenge.

I went to bed early... 945 to be exact and I was asleep before 1015 (I know cause I woke up suddenly then but went right back to sleep). Jacob and Kadie both went to bed with me then too. I hate when they wont go to sleep if I'm still up. Oh well... it was just nice to be asleep before midnight for a change.

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