Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday Review

My husband was right... I did watch a movie. We watched Billy Madison on Sunday night. I fell asleep before it was over but it's not like that was the first time I saw it. In fact, the first time was in junior high.

Billy Madison - Adam Sandler plays a privileged adult who's father paid off his teachers to give him good grades, his entire 12 years of school. His father decides to not give him the family company since he is not capable of handling it until Billy talks him into allowing him to go back to school to prove himself. Each grade, two weeks, or Eric (he works for the Madisons) will get the company. A lot of crude humor and language but all in all a funny movie. Not as funny now, to a mom of 5 with a higher appreciation for movies but definitely a Sandler classic. If you have never seen Billy Madison and you like Will Ferrell movies, this is a must see. My kids are allowed to watch almost anything, but I would not let them watch this. Too many sexual references. Back in junior high this would have received 5 stars, but I now give it a 3.75. Just not my type of movie anymore.

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Anna said...

Love it! I saw it too!
then again, I think we stop and watch it every time it's on!
Crude humor is the best way to describe it, but definitely a Sandler classic, with a little Farley action....man he was awesome!