Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What Was That?

As a mom, most times we understand what our kids are saying but there are still times where we hear ourselves saying "WHAT?!" over and over again and still not realizing what the kids are saying. And then suddenly we understand and it is hilarious.

Adam, my 4 year old, for some reason cannot say oatmeal. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. it comes out as meatloaf. We have had meatloaf before and he knows what it is so for him to call oatmeal, meatloaf is just plain hilarious. Now, if I tell him to say "oatmeal" he will say it right but he calls it meatloaf so often that when the kids tell him to say oatmeal, he says meatloaf just to make them laugh.

Sara, my 3 year old, is even funnier. She actually talks better than Adam does and can pronounce stuff with a little coaching but the things she says just throw me for a loop all the time. She cannot say bubblegum... so it comes out as "buggledum" and it is too cute to correct. Remember the "bubblegum, bubblegum" song we would sing to figure out who was "it" yah, well, my kids do that all the time and you can just imagine how cute it sounds to hear, "Buggledum, buggledum, in a dish" coming from Miss Sara Bear.

This girl is also known for funny statements she comes up with. Just yesterday she told me that she could not wait to be "Big Sara" so she could have a baby and have big boobs like me. SHE. IS. THREE. This one scares me HAHAHA. And then as we were lying in bed, she noticed I had a little underarm stubble and says, "You not have that, that for dads." For being just three, this girl knows her do's and dont's. She just cracks me up.

All of my kids have had an issue with saying cookie... or anything that starts with K or a hard C. It always comes out as a T sound. This is normal! That hard C and K sound are just hard to get. The sound comes from the back of your mouth instead of the front so it is difficult to imitate. Ever since I can remember my in-laws and husband have tried correcting my kids and this is the first time it has made me laugh. Sara was trying to say "cookie" and it was coming out as "tookie." My husband and his parents were coaching her, telling her it was "cuh-cookie" and she could say it correctly. That would be fine and dandy if every time we walked into a store she didn't start shouting, "I want some cuh-cookies" over, and over, and over. She doesn't just say "cookies", it is "cuh-cookies" and it drives me a little batty LoL

I am sure there are more funnies coming from my kids but my poor mommy-brain will not let me recall anymore at the moment. What are some funny things/pronunciations your kids say?

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Tiffany said...

LMAO Zilla will say "Missabella" instead of Isabella (a truck on Thomas) and its SOOOOO cute! He also still refuses to call my mom Nanna he has always and apparently will always call her Mena - so we're just rolling with it.