Monday, July 19, 2010

Movie Review Monday

Recently, I had the urge to watch the Jaws movies so I scoured Netflix for them. I was in luck! They had all 4 of the movies. Did you know there was four?! And not only did they have them available... they had them available to watch instantly.

I watched the first one from my computer while I was in Ohio. The second I waited and watched at home via Netflix Wii with the kids and much to my surprise, they loved it. Next was either Jaws 3 or Jaws: The Revenge. I couldn't remember which I had seen and it turned out it was Jaws: The Revenge, so we went with that one first. I had heard that Jaws 3 was one of the most terrible movies of all time so I wasn't sure if I actually wanted to watch it or not. Yesterday, though, I broke down and watched it.

Jaws 3 was originally made to be in 3-D. I am guessing it just isn't the same without those special effects. The floating arm, the severed fish head and the exploding guts probably looked so much cooler popping out of the screen in your face. The plot of this third installment of the Jaws franchise was set in an Orlando theme park. Michael Brody was an employee of Sea World and his little brother Sean came down for a visit. All grown up now, the two brothers must face yet another shark attack when a baby shark is captured and mama shark is none too happy. The effects are terrible, there are so many parts that could not/would not happen, and the shark was as fake as it gets. Of the four movies, I would say this is the worst. That being said, it does not make the series any less appealing. Shark movies are all about the gore and the unrealistic plot, IMO. No one wants to think that these shark attacks would actually happen, so the more fiction the better. We know sharks are not vengeful and don't come back time and time again but still we watch because Jaws is just an epic movie. Gotta love the Brody family!

If you like Jaws and haven't seen this one, give it a try. It is very laughable but still another shark notch in the Brody boys' belts. Can't just skip over it.

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