Monday, July 12, 2010

Game Over

Back to the grind of day to day life. Vacation is officially over. Daddy is back at work and mama is back to restraining herself from stringing the kids up by their toes.

John and I were not ready to come out of vacation mode. We could have stayed in Ohio forever! Too bad the in-laws wouldn't like supporting our family of 7 plus a dog. The kids were definitely ready to come home though. They were going a little kooky being out of their own elements. We had decided by a vote that we would stay an extra night. The only one that voted against the idea was Sara... our three year old... who said with a pouty lip, "I GO HOME!" We had a lot of fun though and while normally that would make a vacation fly by... it didn't. Our vacation seemed to go on forever.

We arrived on the 1st and stayed through the 10th. Our days were pretty much filled. We had a cookout at my mom's with tons of fun games and fireworks. John took the kids to a baseball game on the 4th followed by fireworks at my mom's friend's house (which were SPECTACULAR). Monday we went up to Detroit to pick up my friend and her kids who had just flown in from Georgia and had a nice dinner at the in-laws. Tuesday was our trip to Cedar Point and we had a blast. It was not even busy for a hot, summer day. We could have easily rode everything had we not had to take so much time with the kids. On Wednesday we went to the Toledo Zoo and saw the amazingly cute baby polar bear. I got some amazing shots that I will post on Friday when I finally resume my Fun Photo Friday segment. Thursday was another trip to the Detroit Airport... this time I was sending Lexi back with my friend and her kids. Friday was the day we were supposed to leave, but instead we went to the store to buy some beer and wait for John's brother and his wife to get in town. We had a fun night of drinking, frisbee cup and Trivial Pursuit (a family tradition when the 3 Whitehead brothers get together). Saturday we headed over to my dad's to visit with him for a bit before heading home. The kids were very well behaved for the majority of our vacation and that is always welcome. Just wish there was more we could have done while there... like visit with more family but time just was not on our side this time.

We plan to go back for a weekend in the fall... either Labor Day weekend, or the second weekend in October. Not sure yet... or maybe both, who knows. I know we still won't get to see everyone while we are there for just a weekend but know that we do miss all of you and wish we could get together way more often but such is my life!

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