Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Is Today Monday?

It sure as hell feels like it is. My kids have gone insane... insane I tell ya.

John left for work this morning being jealous of me sleeping in while the kids calmly git their own breakfast. Gotta love when the gallon of milk is only half full so one of the kids can make breakfast for the rest :)

That is when all hell broke loose. I swear something in their heads just clicks off when Daddy walks our the door because all of a sudden there was screaming, and fighting, and crying, and yelling, and a stampede coming up the stairs.

I don't even know what happened but apparently Jacob hit Kadie for kissing Sara, and then he was flinging a rubber band at all of them. Actually, not a rubber band, it was one of my ponytail holders that Sara had in her hair yesterday. And now, they are still at it.

The fighting will stop for a few minutes, but then something else will set someone off. "She isn't cleaning." or "He is helping Adam! Why can't he help me?" or "I wanna go for a walk, I'm hungry, Kadie won't let me help her!" That last one drives me crazy because it's when they don't even know what they want and they just keep changing their minds.

I even told them we were going to the bookstore and to get dressed but could they listen. Not a chance. It was as if I told them we were going to the doctor for a round of 8 shots so they were going to do anything to not go.

Adam lost TWO, yes TWO, outfits within a 5 minute time frame. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?! Where did they go? Did he eat them? And Sara... that girl just knows how to push all the right buttons and she has the cutest damn smile that it makes me want to slap her silly (luckily I have a little more restraint than that though). So yah, I am just going a bit nutso today and feeling a bit Monday-ish.

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