Friday, October 5, 2007

My Son the Barber

Grey's Anatomy was on last night and the rule is "All children must be in bed and asleep by 9pm on Thursday nights, OR ELSE!" What the "or else" is had yet to be determined; that is until last night.

I put the kids in bed at 740 which anyone can tell you should be enough time for them to be asleep. I mean I have put them to bed at 855 before and they were out by 858. Logic would tell me that they would be asleep with time to spare before Grey's came on. Thank goodness for Tivo though.

At 945pm they were still up. Actually, I think Lou was already sleeping but Monkey and Wadie were still up playing. For some reason they think bedtime means play in the hall until mom screams so loud the windows break. Or in this case, the glass globe on the ceiling fan light.

Ok, so it didn't really break because of my screaming. I was fed up with the two of them playing around and not listening to me so I was a little rougher with the pull chain on the ceiling fan than I should have been. After spanking their butts and seperating the two into their own rooms and beds, I angrily yanked the chain and down came the globe. Narrowly missing my head, might I add. It freaked both Monkey and I out and since I was too mad to clean it up at that moment I sent him to sleep in another room.

He left willingly and after seeing the Mr. Hyde side of mom I thought for sure he & Wadie would be in bed for the rest of the night, no problems. Up until about midnight that was the case; atleast how I thought it was.

As I was getting ready to go to bed I noticed the bathroom door was closed. Thinking that someone might be in there or it was locked (the kids like to do that for some strange reason) I went and opened the door. The horror that followed made me think of the scene in Daddy Daycare when Eddie Murphy opens the bathroom door looking around in utter shock and disgust while the Psycho music played in the background.

What I saw on the floor was a couple strands of hair. Ok, not so bad, right? All kids snip their hair from time to time and its not that big of a deal. I was imagining where she must have cut it from and how bad it actually looked. I continued to follow the small strands of hair that led me to the pot of gold, well more like, golden blonde!

The garbage was full of hair. I started to shake, my hands were going a mile a minute and all I could say was "Oh my god!" over and over again. As I was gathering up the hair to see just how much was there I began to cry. Wadie is 3 years old and had yet to have her haircut, except for her bangs, because I didn't want to lose her ringlets. I cried like a baby when I looked at her hair and realized how perfectly cut it was. It was cut all the way around which seemed strange to me.

Even though it was midnight I called my friend. I needed calming down. Afterall, it is just hair right? It will grow back, it's not that BIG of a deal. Yet after 1/2 an hour I was still shaking and I knew it was a good thing the kids were sleeping when I found out about the late night makeover in my bathroom. I had plenty of time to cool down before they woke up in the morning. My friend suggested maybe one of the other kids assisted her in her beauty school. I suppose it could be a possibility, I responded.

Although I didnt hear anyone in the bathroom playing while I was watching tv but obviously someone was in there. I figured it had to be Wadie all by herself trying out a new look since she is pretty good about being quiet and doing sneaky things. Put Monkey with her and all heck breaks loose.

I was skeptical that he was her accomplice until I actually asked him about it in the morning. He was tight lipped and shoulder shrugged. I finally got it out of him that he was the culprit behind the hair trail through my bathroom. He doesn't know why he did it but he does know it was wrong of him.

I then realized he had cut some of his own hair off too. I made him go to school like that; is that mean of me? He didn't seem to mind and wadie didn't seem to mind letting her 5yr old brother near her head with scissors yet I can't even get near her with a comb.

I took Wadie, Munchie & Mac to the mall today. After dropping off a package for John we went over to the mall to get Wadie's hair fixed. She was very impressed with Monkey for cutting it so well and that he actually used hair cutting scissors; she even joked that he could be a hair stylist one day. Guess we will see. But for now, practice sessions have been suspended until further notice. Do you think I could ground him from scissors until he is 21?

Wadie Before
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What I found in the bathroom
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After the makeover session by Monkey

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After the real hairdresser fixed her hair
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