Saturday, November 6, 2010

Remember Me?

Yah, probably not! So here is a quick intro...

My name is Brianna but most people call me Bri. In fact, it is easier to introduce myself as Bri because half the time I cannot say my own name right. Everyone always asks, "Is it Bri-Ah-Na or Bri-Anne-Uh?" So guess what, it's neither. It's Bri (actually it's Bri-Ah-Na, but I think you get my point).

I have 5 kids. Yup, you read that right. FIVE! I know I am by far not the only mom out there with lots of kids and 5 doesn't seem like a lot anymore when so many people have 3 and 4 kids nowadays. I know moms with 6, 7, 8 and more kids. It is more common now than in past years where 2 kids was the norm and if you had one of each (a girl and a boy) then you were expected to be done since you now had the "perfect" combination. Well, I will tell you... I had a girl, then a boy so I was supposed to be done, right?! HA! I then had another girl, then another boy... done again, right?! NOT! Then came #5, my baby girl. Girl, boy, girl, boy, girl and no plans for another to even it out especially since our luck it would be another girl.

Besides that, we are evened out already. We have a male dog to round things out. His name is Buckeye. Yes we are Ohio State fans... yes we are from Ohio... and yes we HATE Michigan (but still love all our friends and family that chose the wrong path). Anyway, Buckeye is a great dog. A german shepherd/rottweiler mixed beast but the biggest baby you will ever meet. He wishes he could be a lap dog and he loves people, especially my husband.

Speaking of that man of mine... he is my Sugar Daddy. HA! He makes all the money by playing a soldier by day and by night he is a soccer coach and scout master. He is a better man than I ever deserved and his kids are lucky that he is their daddy.

It's a great little family we have here in Iowa. Our home for now since that is where the Army sent us. Next year we will be elsewhere but that destination has yet to be determined. Our ideal location would be Ft Campbell, KY which puts us 8hrs from our hometown of Toledo, Ohio, 8hrs from our besties here in Iowa and 8hrs from our besties in Savannah, GA. We like to stay close to our family and friends while the kids are young. It helps so much, especially when daddy has to go overseas.

Anyway, that is us in a nutshell... the nutty Buckeyes we are. Hope you stick around to see the craziness we get into and I promise to make no promises of being a good blogger. After all, I never finish anything I...

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Sasha said...

Hope you all are doing well- would love to see pics of the kiddos!

Can't believe our Jan 06 babes will be 5 soon!