Friday, August 15, 2008

Fun Photo Friday - On Time, Woohoo!

Finally some California Trip Pics!
Spunky Moms Meet in Northern California, July 2008, more pics coming soon!
Golden Gate Bridge from afar
Doran Beach (that's Callie taking a picture)

Yvette & I at the pool
Playing Spoons, Mendy got one!
Out of Jello Shots
Driving to the fair

That was a fun ride

Ren & Kayla on the ride

Getting my tattoo (need to steal a pic of it from someone)

My Roses from My Loving Hubby

Signing teeshirts

Driving to the city, so pretty


It was really windy!

In the candy store

Spunky Moms in San Fran

At Hooters

Our Group

They must have known we were coming LoL

My California Drink of Choice (don't like it so much now)

Going Home!

A Little Plane for Miss Mendy :)

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