Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Save Them From Debt!

Sorry I didn't post a movie review for yesterday but the only movie Ive watched recently is Free Willy. I love that movie! I just recently bought the trilogy for myself... er... the kids, yah, it's for the kids.

Anyways, there is a website you can go to to set up a way to raise funds for any cause. It is www.chipin.com Anyone can register with them and start earning money for whatever they need it for. I, for one, would love to sign Lexi up for the Cheer Savannah All Stars but don't have an extra $200 laying around every month. I'm thinking about starting a blog, like this one... http://makemedebtfree.blogspot.com/

If 50,000 people just donated 1 crummy dollar, this family could be debt free. How nice would that be? I even contributed enough for 5 people... so just 49,995 more to go. Come on people, show some all American love!

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