Friday, June 5, 2009

Fun Photo Friday - What Should I Wear?

My 10 year reunion is coming up in just over a week and I cannot decide what to wear. I bought two dresses on Ebay but one is too tight all over, and the other is too loose in the chest. I do not think I will fit into the one that is too small because even if I do lose the weight my bones are not going to change ;) The one that is too big in the chest can be fixed with a bra (or two) LoL but not sure I actually like it. Then I have two other dresses that have both been worn one other time, though I'm not much of a dress repeater. Or my other option would be dress pants and a sexy top from Victoria's Secret which I would need to order like NOW!

First up is this dress here, only I have it in purple. I would wear it with black leggings because I really don't like my legs and possibly this pair of gold heels.

Or there is this dress that I wore to my brother's wedding... I believe I also wore the gold heels with this one.

Then there are the two I got from Ebay... no pictures of me wearing them but I will show you what they look like. The first is the one that is too tight everywhere... the second is the one that is too big in the chest, both size medium.

Or I could go with something like this from Victoria's Secret... a sexy corset top and black pants. Which I really like since I'm not much of a dress person but it's going to cost a bit (on my VS card of course). ETA: Slight problem... pink is out of stock until the 22nd but the black is available. I don't want black on black, do I? So maybe the black top with white pants? Maybe I can order a pair of pants in black and a pair of pants in white. I do need knew white pants... hmmm.

So what do you think?


C. Beth said...

I like the VS top a lot. And black on black is okay! As long as they're the same shade of black. I think black on black might look better than black top and white pants.

The dress that is too big in the top is really cute too, and I'd say if you don't want to spend more money, wear that one.

Anna said...

I like the first in purple, it suits your color, and the one that's too big on top, you can always stuff your bra!

Special K said...

I like your options. My fav is either the loose fitting top with a long flowy or bootleg nicely pressed black pant (as opposed to leggings) or capri leggings. And I love the Victoria's Secret top as well. The shoes look like a blast. Enjoy!

Tiffany said...

I like the loose fitting dress (just stuff) or the VS top - but I have to say that I really like it in Pink but if you do black do NOT do it with White pants. You'd just be asking for trouble there - remember people may be drunk and you might get goodness knows what spilt on your new white pants.

Good luck and have fun sweety!

~* W *~ said...

I say go with the VS top and gray pants... that way it solves your black on black, but doesn't put you out there for trouble like white would!

Sasha said...

How was the reunion? What did you wear?