Thursday, September 19, 2013


I've been in total supermom mode lately... it's weird actually. I've always got done what I needed to get done but I am a procrastinator and I'm kinda lazy. But since moving here, I've been surprising my kids with little things on top of doing all the regular mom stuff.

When school started up and I was making their lunches every day I was leaving riddles and quotes and pictures on their sandwich bags for them to discover at lunch time. If it was a riddle, there was no answer. I loved asking them when they got home if they figured it out. Sometimes they did, sometimes they didn't. But they always enjoyed seeing what I would come up with next.

Now I am on a creative snack kick... hence the title of this blog post: Snack-a-tivity!

For Friday the 13th I made them little pretzel skeleton snacks on peanut butter smeared graham crackers and green eyeball oreos. Those were fun! Yesterday we just had nachos, but they LOVE nachos and usually those are reserved for my husband and myself and we are very reluctant to share. I did make it fun though when I told them they couldn't have anymore. When they asked why not... "Because they NA-CHOS!" Get it?! Nachos... Not yo's... not yours HAHAHA I sure hope you all got it because explaining it totally ruined it LoL Today has been my favorite snack so far. They are a crack up, you just can't help but smile when you look at them. And if I would have thought about it, I'd have made them "piratey" for Talk Like a Pirate Day but I kinda forgot. Shame on me! The kids still love them though :)
If you're happy and you know it clap your... Oh :(

I improvised with what I had on hand :)

You smiled, didn't you???

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