Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Soccer 3-14

The kids are on spring break this week so I haven't gotten a chance to post soccer updates. Let's see if I can remember everything.

It was a late morning for us with no ref duty and our first game at 1030am. Kadie's Bombers played one of their best games yet. The passing was great. The defense was great. We only let the other team score once. The coach's daughter scored her first goal and it was amazing. A nice lob right over the goalie! My husband even got a picture of it while I was line reffing. So I lied, I did have to ref but that was because we didn't have any referees. Five different girls scored, one of them being Kadie. She scored TWICE! Although one of those was challenged as being offside but the line ref didn't see it, nor did I, or the center ref. From my angle she appeared to be onside when the ball went into play and she says she was even with the defender. So, regardless, she got the goal. We came out with a 6-1 win!

Sara's Candy Canes played next. It was another rough game. We were missing our star player. I only got to see half of the game because I had to take Adam to his game at another soccer complex but John says Sara took quite a few shots and was getting flack from her coach for not dribbling enough. She didn't end up scoring and we lost. Not sure what the score was since they don't really keep score at that age.

I chose to drop Adam off with his coach for his game and have him bring him back to me at Jacob's game so I could watch at least one of the u12 games. It was their last scheduled game (not sure if there will be more, yet) so I wanted to watch. So I didn't get to watch Adam's Sub Zero take home a 7-2 win. Adam didn't score this time, but he didn't let anyone score on him while he was goalie.

Jacob's Dream FC started thirty minutes late due to the game before us starting late since they had no referees. We only had 7 players and the other team had 9. We had already instructed the boys on how to play and where to play being down two players when the other coach offered to only play 7 as well. We said we would see how the first quarter went and then decide if we wanted to have them play down or offer us players. Jacob made our one goal that quarter. He pretty much drove the ball from one end of the field to the other uncontested. He juked players left and right and showed that team he was a force to be reckoned with. We ended the quarter tied. Amazing for playing down! There was a kid that had just finished a game and we asked if he wanted to play with us, he said he did, so we put him in for the remainder of the game. That still had us down 1 player but we were holding our own just fine. That player ended up scoring for us! We went into halftime up 2-1. Jacob went in at goalie after halftime and the other team ended up scoring, tying it up. Jacob kept up the good work all the way to the end. He took another left footed shot that hooked left and I thought it was going right into the upper 90 but it bounced off the corner instead. The player we picked up then took a nice pass from our defense and scored! The line ref called it offside, however. I was not happy. She says 3 of our players were offside when she made the call and that he was one of them. I still don't think he was but she had a better angle than I did, and she was a parent from that kid's team so she didn't like the call anymore than we did. That won't stop me from saying he wasn't offside though. Anyway, we walked away with a tie which is so great having played down the entire game... but it should have been a win.

Lexi and Jacob had their last middle school game on Thursday. They ended up losing 2-1 or 1-0 but they had a lot of fun playing with their friends from school. Lexi will be starting up with her u14 games soon, just not sure when. She started practice last week... cannot wait to watch my biggest baby in the sport she loves!

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