Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Soccer Saturday - 2/28

Our day started off bright and early. We had to be in Pearl City at 8am for our first game. Kadie kicked off the day with her game. Followed by ref duty and Sara's game at 10, then Adam & Jacob's games at noon, and another ref duty at 130pm.

Kadie's Bombers started off rough. Kadie began the game as goalkeeper and was scored on twice. In the second quarter, Kadie scored twice tying it up. The first time was a breakaway and the second time was just being in the right place at the right time. She scored a third time but was called offside in an iffy call. I say she wasn't offside since she was even with the last defender when the ball was put into play but it wasn't my call. We kept up the momentum, Kadie assisted with another goal and the other team got off a third goal shortly before the game ended. The Bombers ended with a 6-3 win!

Following that game, Lexi and I helped Kadie's coach with our referee assignment. Lexi and I ran the line while the coach center reffed. Some of the parents on my side of the field were not too happy with some of the calls but they were pretty good calls. At the end of the game I had the other coach (also the guy that runs the ref clinics) say he wanted me! He was surprised that I knew what I was doing even though I had never been to one of his clinics. That comes from 10 years as a soccer mom! I may not always get the call right, but I am pretty good... and being told so by the head ref, that's a major plus.

We missed all of Sara's game but I did get updated by John. Sara scored once and had an assist in a Candy Canes 6-4 win!

We made it over to Adam's game shortly before it started. Adam started out as goalie and no one scored on him! The game went downhill from there. The boys just were not playing their best. It was hot and Adam was worn out. He runs the field and usually doesn't give up but he just didn't seem like he was feeling it that day. The other team was offside several times, that resulted in a goal, and it wasn't called. I was extremely irritated. There was a lot of shoving, too, that went unnoticed. There was one point where the goalie handed the ball to his defender which should have resulted in a penalty kick but that also went without a call. Adam never ended up scoring but I was still proud of his goalkeeping skills. It was a really frustrating game that Team Sub Zero ended up losing 6-1. It was their first loss and a hard one.

I also missed all of Jacob's game since it was at the same time as Adam's. They only had 7 players to start the game so the other team played down to seven, as well. Within the first ten minutes we were losing 2-0. By the end of the first quarter it was 3-0. Jacob ended up scoring on a PK and another player showed up making it 8v8. In the end, Dream FC came away with another loss, 6-1.

When that game ended, John and Lexi had a referee assignment. Just in the first quarter there were a lot of calls for tripping and shoving. It seemed like a tough game to ref and I was glad to not be doing it.

Oh, I forgot, Lexi and Jacob have also started playing soccer with their school. Those games are on Tuesday and Thursday. Jacob should finally be able to play today since he brought his grades up. Last week, only Lexi was able to play (she's the good little girl LoL). The Tuesday game was played versus Kapolei Middle School. The A team, which is the team Lexi is on, lost 3-0. The field was tiny, compared to what she is used to, and she played defense the majority of the game. Kapolei played pretty dirty. I even snapped a picture of one of the boys on their team grabbing Lexi's arm. There was a lot of that going on and the referee wasn't calling it. The Thursday game was against Waianae, and they always play dirty so we were a little worried. That was the game last year that Lexi got tripped and busted up her arm and hip. This year they split the teams into boys and girls instead of A team and B team. The field was even smaller, as were the goals, than Tuesday's game. Lexi played midfield for the majority of the game. I guess one coach likes her as a defender and the other likes her at mid or forward. She almost scored on a header, and she almost scored on a left footed shot, and had she been just a second faster she could have snuck in a goal from a pass but the goalie snagged it before she could get there. The girls ended up with a 1-0 loss but the boys came out with a 1-0 win, so it all evened out. I think the B team won on Tuesday, too. They have another game this afternoon where Jacob will be playing with Lexi on the A team (hopefully), so we will see how that goes.

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