Sunday, April 19, 2015

Life Gets in the Way

Sometimes life just seems to run me down and prevent me from being able to find the words for my blog. That has been my last month.

On March 31st, we received some news about my husband's future in the Army and it wasn't good. The Board of Inquiry recommended elimination. It still has to go to the Board of Review and then the Secretary of the Army but chances are slim to none that they reverse the decision. We've been given a 3-5 month timeline for the final decision. AKA time to pack up and head home. That has made for a rough month in our house. He is the sole bread winner and I manage the household finances so I am freaking out just a bit.

Aside from that, soccer season has been winding down. With that comes potlucks, and planning, and trophies, and pictures, and gifts for coaches. Jacob finished a couple of weeks ago after a less than organized season. They fought a hard battle but couldn't manage to pull out of a second win this season. Kadie's team played exceptionally well together and we all had a lot of fun as a team. It has been one of the best parent involved teams I have been a part of since we moved here. It was refreshing to have so many caring parents involved. The team finished out the season with a tie, making their record 7-1-2. It was a good, solid run for our u10 girls. The only team they lost to, was also the team they tied twice. The girls fought really hard in this last game but it was some of the worst refereeing we had ever experienced. Very one sided calling and some of the most ridiculous calls. The final score was 1-1 so at least we didn't lose but it was a very frustrating game due to the officiating. Kadie didn't score this game but she did score a good majority of her games this season, sometimes multiple times in a game. Her team may be going to a tournament in July, that should be fun and exciting for them.

Adam's team also had his last game yesterday. I made cupcakes for both his and Kadie's potlucks... Jacob's too (the week before). I never think about the heat and them sitting out in the sun while we wait for the games to finish... especially when we have to be out there all day. I managed to keep them from melting into blobs though. I put Kadie's on ice in the cooler but I forgot to plug up the cooler so all the ice melted onto the backseat of my car, dripped down onto the floor, and out through the bottom of my car. Good thing I have leather seats so they are easy to dry LoL Anyway, Adam's team almost went undeafeated this season. They won 9 games and lost 1. The team they lost to they ended up annihalating last weekend at Springfest. Adam scored at almost every game this season. At Springfest he scored three times in the 2nd quarter alone! Coach calls him his secret weapon cause he is little and fast and he loves to play goalie. He is one of those goalies that will come out of the box to kick to the ball. He cannot just stand in the box and wait. He has to charge the ball... which is probably one of the reason Coach calls him Rhino. The other reason being he would wear a pony tail right in the front of his head like a horn to keep the hair out of his eyes while he played. After the win at Springfest, Coach joked that everyone was shaving their head... Adam decided he was down for that and opted for a fauxhawk. He looks so much older now and everyone loved his hair.

Sara still has a couple more games left and then we will be ending her season, leaving us with just one more season which just started. The u14 girls just started three weeks ago. They won their first game and lost their following two games when they were playing down players. They should have 11 players on the field but they regularly play with 7 or 9. This last game they actually went into the 4th quarter tied 2-2 while they played 4 players down. They ended up losing but it sounds like it was a hard fought game. Lexi ended up reffing a game yesterday and then her game was cancelled due to lack of available players so she didn't get to play. She is begging to play club soccer and I wish I could tell her yes. At this point I just cannot commit to anything costly, and with moving soon I don't want to sign her up for club here and then have to pull her from the team. I really wish the girls that sign up for the rec leagues took it as seriously as she does. It really isn't fair to her. Hopefully the season gets better but if any of the previous seasons are an indication... it will only go further downhill from here.

And on top of all of that stuff... I ran my first 10k! I did it in 1hr and 15min. I did stop to walk for maybe 30 seconds to a minute but I ran the whole damn thing other than that! I was really proud of myself for not dying. Then I did something stupid... I signed up for a half marathon May 24th and the day after I did, I came down with a horrible cold which has kept me from doing much of anything all week. Now I need to run an unprepared 7 miles today (still feeling a bit under the weather) so I can get myself on track for running 13.1 in 5 weeks. I really don't know what I was thinking when I signed myself and my husband up for this thing. LOL

Anyway, that has pretty much been my life in a nutshell over the last month. Bad news, soccer, running, and sickness. It makes for one tired mama, and one stressed wife <- anything="" back="" but="" by="" can="" come="" get="" hope="" i="" if="" is="" manage="" more="" p="" person="" regularly="" s="" same="" say="" soon...="" that="" the="" to="" up="" way="" with="" writing="">

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