Saturday, December 22, 2007

All I Want For Christmas

No, it's not my two front teeth. Unless of course Windy makes me smell a stinky diaper and busts them out... but that is highly unlikely.

Christmas is fast approaching and I am still getting requests for what I want for Christmas. I have been thinking long and hard (ok maybe not that long and it wasn't really hard) about what I really want. Something that is just for me because apparently I cannot be mom all the time.

There is plenty that I want like an Ipod and a laptop that would be just for me but those don't seem to jump out at me as really, truly wanting this Christmas. I got my Canon Rebel as an early Christmas present and I'm sure my husband will be getting me some sexy lingerie for when he is home on leave but what is it that I really want for Christmas? What is it that would just put the biggest smile on my face, warm my heart, and possibly be the best gift ever?

After thinking about this for about 5 minutes. Yah, it was an easy decision. This is what I cannot live without this holiday season.

1. To sleep in until 10am (or later)
2. To take a nice hot shower with no interruptions (no flushing toilets, no screaming kids, no tiny taps on the door)
3. A whole day to veg in my pjs, watching a good chick flick, eating chinese and not having to do a thing around the house
4. Did I mention no kids
5. A clean house so that I won't have any problems sitting on my ass all day
6. A nanny or a maid... preferably both
7. The most wanted thing on my list... my husband to be home! To rub my feet and my back and to spend time with his kids. To see them open their Christmas presents, to kiss me on the neck and to do the dishes.

A price cannot be put on my list, save for the nanny & maid but you get my point. I want a priceless Christmas. I don't want another necklace that I won't wear (well there are two I want), a pair of jeans that don't fit (although I do need more jeans after losing all this weight), or anything chocolate covered (these would come in handy when Aunt Flo comes to visit though).

All I want for Christmas is to be Bri again, just for one day.

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