Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Stranger to Blogdom

If you have been wondering where I have been (which I highly doubt), here I am!

Things have been kind of crazy around here. Not that they aren't always crazy but crazier than usual with Christmas, school, playgroups, John coming home, and everday mundane tasks. It has really taken a toll on me and my brain has just been fried.

My baby girl turned 1 just 6 days ago! Before you ask... NO! I'm not pregnant yet, nor do I plan to be ever again. I have to admit I miss being pregnant... I just don't want anymore kids. Five is definitely enough for me (for now atleast). It is so strange to think that next year my youngest will be 2. Only one of my kids has ever reached the age of 2 before becoming an older sibling. That was J and had I not had a miscarriage in July 2003 then there wouldnt be two years between him and K. We didn't have a big first birthday party for S. We were planning on it but plans have since changed. We had a small get together with a friend on Saturday and it was so fun. S loved her chocolate on chocolate cake that Miss Windy & Uncle Rich made for her. J & I helped with the writing. While S was eating her cake ever so delicately she thought she would share with me. I had chocolate on my forehead, my cheek and my neck. I guess someone had to get messy, right?

J has been having a rough time in school. While he is smart if he applies himself, he just doesn't like to. He has been having bad days where he is talking when he isn't supposed to or throwing things at other students. Typical behavior for my second born but he has always been so well behaved for other people. I hope it's just because his daddy isn't here. He had a field trip last week and a gift exchange this week. They made gingerbread houses yesterday and he even shared with all of us when he brought it home.

L is doing excellent in school as usual. She has atleast a 94% in all subject areas. She loves doing school work and always goes above and beyond what is expected of her. She is in a gifted class and she really enjoys it. I can't get over how much she loves school. I can actually threaten her with staying home from school if she won't listen :) All her teachers RAVE about her and even other teachers in the school just love her!

K is fiesty as ever. She is talking so much better now and thinks she is the little miss mom. She thinks she can carry around Sara or check the mail or make her own chocolate milk whenever she wishes. I have to constantly leave the deadbolt on the door or her and A will escape. She also thinks the cat should do what she wants, when she wants her to. She will get so mad if the cat doesn't want to come in the house. She fell in love with my friend Windy. She always wants her to hold her... this is the same little girl that will stand in the door at playgroup and not go in because she is "scared." Weird child! She cannot wait to go to school. I hate that she misses the cutoff by 2 weeks down here. I will probably look into getting her into a 3 day a week preschool for next fall even if I have to pay for it. It would be good for the both of us.

A is another wild child. He is pretty good about listening but still a crazy one. His new favorite thing is dancing. He goes wild listening to Hannah Montana or High School Musical. It is so darn cute. He is a loveable little bug too. He loves to give hugs and kisses. His hair is getting so blonde too. I remember when it was red as red can be. He will be 2 in a couple weeks. It is so hard to believe how fast these babies are growing up. Before I know it they will all be in school and I won't know what to do with myself.

John is still overseas. He was supposed to be coming home on leave in a couple weeks. We have known since August when he would be home and have been counting down the days. Now we come to find out that he has been pushed back to the end of January. I was very ticked when I found out. We had made so many plans and this just screws everything up. I mean, its better than getting pushed back to March or April but still, I have a right to be mad. We were going to have a huge birthday party for our three winter babies but that has now been cancelled. Lexi will wait until Daddy is home to have her party but the other two will have smaller parties before that. We were also waiting to decorate the Christmas tree and have Santa visit while Daddy was home but now it looks as if that will change as well. I cant leave my tree up that long and it's not fair to make the kids wait that long, especially since all their schoolmates will already have gotten their presents. I will ask them and I'm sure they will want their presents as soon as possible. That also means more work for me.

It is Christmastime and it is such a busy time. I am done with my Christmas shopping except for two things. One thing for John and the other thing for J. I actually was done yesterday until I had to pick up a photo order at Walmart today and spent another $100. In my defense, not one thing cost me more than $20 :)

I wrapped a good deal of presents yesterday and today. I have sooooo many more to do though. I don't know where I'm going to find the time to get it all done before leaving for Ohio on Thursday. Actually we are headed to Warner Robins on Thursday. Then from there we are going to Berea on Friday. We are staying with some friends to help break up the trip. So glad I don't have to stay in a hotel (Thanks Windy & Patty). We will finally make it to the inlaws on Saturday. Then the fun begins.

Sunday we have two Christmas parties to go to. My dad is hosting at his house in the early afternoon since my stepsiblings won't be there on Christmas day (that is when we usually do it) and my mom is hosting that evening because there is no other time for her to host since she works second shift every other day (such is the life of an RN). Christmas Eve is with the inlaws as usual. Dinner then church but this year we won't be opening presents that evening. My older brother in law will be at his fiance's family Christmas that evening. My kids will get to open a couple presents and my sister spend the evening with us as well. Christmas day will put as at my Grandpa's house during the day and back at the inlaws that evening. I am forgoing my family Christmas to spend it with John's family since he is deployed this year and we always miss going to his dad's side because of my family Christmas. Starting this year I will be alternating every year. So next year we will be going to my family's Christmas. The following two days we have no plans. Probably let the kids play with their new toys, break them down to fit into the car for on the way home and get me some much needed peking ribs from China Express :) Friday is Christmas with John's mom's side of the family. Gift exchange parties are always so much fun. Saturday will be the officially opening of presents with the inlaws. And then on Sunday it will be time to head back home. I will probably leave early in the morning... like 7 or 8 so that I arrive back to Warner Robins about 12 hours later. I won't be stopping anywhere before that and I know Ill be exhausted from driving so much that I will need to stop. Windy & Rich are also following me back home the next day so it all works out. A friend is coming in on the first that I haven't seen in 2 yrs. I cannot wait!!! I was hoping that John would have been home then but no such luck (which I'm still ticked about, by the way).

So as you can see it's going to be a very busy Christmas. Lots of parties, lots of driving, and lots of kids to take in and out of bathrooms AHHH I better buy some Pull-Ups (and Depends) before I go.

Hope everyone has a splendid holiday!!!

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