Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fun Photo Friday - Old Navy

We got to Old Navy about 1240am. (Yes, it only took 40 minutes to get into TRU, get what we wanted, check out, wait for Trista and drive to Old Navy LoL) We had hoped to wait in the car for a little bit since it was below 30 degrees outside but there were already about 20 people standing in line. This is the place I wish we had brought our chairs. It was so cold! The building didn't block the wind like Toys R Us did and there was no one selling hot chocolate. Oh, I forgot to mention that... while standing at TRU there was a guy selling hot chocolate from the back of his truck. Donations only, and the profits go to Toys for Tots. If he was lying, that is pretty shitty but even had he said "Just to make a buck." I still would have given him 3 bucks for 3 cups of hot cocoa. It's an ingenius idea!

So anyway... we get in line and start talking to a woman and a couple guys about our experience at Toys R Us. Then up walks a lady that we saw at Toys R Us. She starts chit chatting with us and come to find out... it's the Zhu Zhu Pet ticket lady that tried snagging a ticket and was asking us if we had heard the ladies yelling at her. Little did she know, it was us that were part of that and we just laughed. She ended up getting a ticket and admitted to not knowing what it was for and ended up giving it to someone else.

Channel 8 news showed up and interviewed a couple kids and probably got me and Trista swaying in sync but I don't see it posted online anywhere and I never catch the news. The lady behind us kept trying to get the news lady to let her say "Hi" to her husband but she wouldn't. Thank the Lord! She was annoying. She proved how annoying she was when the doors finally opened. Once again she pushed her way in front of us to get a ticket for the Lego Rock Band game which turned into more drama for us. The guy (and girl) handing out the tickets almost wouldn't give one to Trista because "She already got you one." Umm, no she didn't. She wasn't even with us. I am sure her mom behind us got one of her own too, whom she said she was grabbing it for. There was also a mad rush for the door from the crowd gathering in the parking lot that wouldn't get in the long line that went 4 stores down. They ended up opening the other doors which pissed a lot of people off... you know, the ones waiting hours upon hours to get in. They were, however, only giving out tickets at the door we were at but maybe they should have posted that so people could line up at both doors or they should have handed out the tickets before they opened just like Toys R Us did. Then we could have warmed our frozen toes in the car for a bit without worrying about not getting a copy of the FREE game.

We finally got in, got what we wanted and headed for the checkout. Not before losing each other, Trista & Kristina getting dizzy and running into Rebekah and baby Rin (only 4wks old, so they waited in the car for the doors to open). I got Jacob two pairs of jeans, a long sleeve polo and Lego Rock Band for less than $30 and I spent less than $5 cause I had a $25 gift card. It was soooo worth it waiting in that line. Although there is no way I could have done it without my amazing friends... they made the 2 1/2 hours just fly by.

Waiting in the CCCCCold!

The line in front of us
Waiting to check out
Rebekah, Baby Rin & Heather
The line behind us
Poor Trista got dizzy :(
We STILL look cold :p

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