Monday, November 30, 2009

Movie Review Monday

In a last minute decision I asked two friends to go see a movie with me on Saturday night. We all wanted to see New Moon and two of our daughters did too. We left two daddies here with 5 kids (two went with us, one was staying at the other girl's house) and we went to enjoy a nice night out.

We got to the theater about 630pm and got our tickets for the 7pm show. I bought all the tickets... three adults and two kids at the military rate for just $34.50. Not bad for a Saturday night showing of a new movie.

I didn't spend anything at the concession stand since I had one friend pay for Lexi's snacks and the other friend pay for mine. We all got our own 1-2-3 Go Box. A fantastic idea, if you ask me. You get a kid's sized drink, a small (or maybe a little smaller than a small) popcorn and a regular sized bag of candy (or snack of choice). I got popcorn, a red icee and peanut m&m's for $7 and it was the perfect amount. Makes it so much easier than trying to share a large popcorn with 5 people and then buying a drink for everyone. Might be a little more expensive, but not much... plus the convenience makes it worth it.

We got in the movie and watched a few previews before it started. Once it started the girls behind us were super annoying which makes me glad I didn't try to go when it first came out. They would be saying things before they happened and were constantly talking about how hot Jacob is and that he could turn them into a werewolf anytime. The two girls we took were entranced in the movie and didn't make a peep the entire time.

I have not read the books so my review will probably be different than those that have read them, but I prefer to see the movies first because the movie is NEVER as good as the book. So here is my opinion...

The movie was great. Bella is forced to be apart from Edward and it breaks her until she realizes that the more danger she puts herself in, the more she will see Edward. She then starts hanging out with Jacob who makes her feel so much better. I felt bad for Jacob with her flip flopping between the two but you can see how much she loves Edward. Very intense at some parts and kinda keeps you wondering what is going to happen next (if you haven't read the books of course). Even if you don't like vampire movies or have never read the books, you will probably still like the movies. My kids love them and I found myself wondering when the next one would be out before I was even finished watching this one.

I will never be a Twilight addict, like some... but I do like the movies and I will probably end up buying them at some point.

After the movie we signed up for the StarPass... it gets you points for every dollar you spend (I think it's 10pts per dollar) and it will spit out coupons on occasion just when buying something at the box office or the concession stand. My friend spent $14 at concessions and a free movie ticket coupon spit out just from using her StarPass (which is free to sign up for, by the way). So if you have a National Amusements nearby, definitely sign up for that. They will even let you claim what you spent that day before signing up (at least they did at our theater, but the manager is super nice).


Tiffany said...

So does that mean your gonna read the books? I agree that the movie was really good - WAY better made than twilight and I'm sure that eclipse next year will be even better than the first.

Bri said...

I am on Chapter 6 of Twilight and have asked my dad for New Moon for Christmas :)