Tuesday, December 1, 2009

And So It Begins...

December is officially upon us. And with that comes sooo many things to do.

Sara turns 3 on December 12th and Adam turns 4 on December 30th! Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday John was coming home from Iraq and knocking me up. Now my babies are getting so big, so smart and so talkative. For Sara's birthday I am planning an indoor teddy bear picnic and for Adam's we are letting him pick where we go for dinner and then going to see the lights at the Toledo Zoo. Should be a fun night. Hopefully it's not too cold or too nasty out for us to go.

School lets out for winter break on December 22nd. It doesn't feel like the school year is almost half over already. The kids have fit in so well at their new school and have only missed 1 day so far this year {knock on wood}. We may head out of town earlier than the 22nd to avoid holiday traffic if we can.

My brother is coming to Toledo for the first time in YEARS! Since his wife was pregnant with their first child, actually, and she is 4 now! I used one of John's credit cards to pay for them all to come home since they have a new baby too... a new baby that is almost a year old! I cannot wait to see them!

Christmas is going to be all out of whack this year. Since my brother isn't coming into town until after Christmas we are not getting together with my side of the family until the 29th (with my mom) and the 2nd of January (with my dad). I still don't know when we are doing Christmas with my dad's side of the family since we aren't doing it on Christmas like we usually do. And Christmas with the in laws is usually Christmas Eve but we aren't sure if John's brother & his wife are going to be in town. So I guess the only traditional part of Christmas this year will be going to church on Christmas Eve... which just happens to be Lexi's favorite holiday tradition, so it works out.

This year we will have Santa bring a couple gifts for the kids to Ohio so they have something to open Christmas morning. We don't usually do that because that is more that we have to bring home but we are making sure Santa keeps it small this year. Everything else will come from us at some point before we leave for Ohio. Squeezing that in shouldn't be too hard... getting it all wrapped before then though, hmmmm. LoL

I am sure more stuff will come up between now and Christmas though... so what are your December plans?


Anonymous said...

And dont forget santa is coming while your all done too

Tiffany said...

Santa keeping it small...at your house...um LMAO. I've seen you shop lady so good luck with that!

We are not doing much here this month. The in-laws are coming up on the 27th I think (YAY) and I have no clue when/if I'll go down to orlando since I'm mailing gifts. I plan to start packing stuff soon so that should be tons of fun. good luck with your month of craziness!!

Bri said...

haha Santa is keeping it small... the rest of the stuff will be from us :)