Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's Official

It is NOW winter! Yesterday was the first day of winter and you wouldn't know it with all the snow we have already got. A couple weeks ago we were slammed with blizzard like conditions and 8+ inches of snow. We even had snow back in October when my kids were playing soccer. What a nice welcome back to the Midwest for us, not!

So thinking back on winters past for this week's Time Travel Tuesday would be much easier if I didn't have mush for brains. I do remember my favorite part of winter, growing up, was going sledding. Something my kids have rarely gotten to do. And I think only Lexi & Jacob have ever gone sledding and that was years ago. Living in Georgia for 4 years and not getting much snow while home for Christmas has prevented them from enjoying that part of the season.

This year we are living in Iowa and have a small hill in our front yard... nothing like the giant hill that in my front yard as a kid. The hill we would sled down and slide right into the street from. It was a blast. I can only hope my kids can know that kind of fun. Yah, we do fun things but there are some things you just can't skip... like sledding down BIG hills!

So anyway, with all the snow we have been getting and probably more to come now we just need sleds. All my kid are little snow bunnies and loved it when we played outside. I can only imagine the excitement they will get from going sledding. Maybe there will be time while we are in Ohio and we can go with my niece and nephew since they too have never gone sledding. What a blast that would be... my family, my brother's family and my sister all together sledding. Let's hope it works out that way!

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