Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Three Down, Three to Go

We are half way done with our Ohio Christmas plans. I have not decided if I prefer them spread out like this or if I would prefer them to happen all in a few days. Maybe if they did happen all in a few days I could take the kids home when they really started to grate on my nerves... which occurred Christmas Day!

They were so bad Christmas Day. We didn't have any plans until later in the day and I completely forgot that every time we open gifts with John's dad's side of the family they get left out. They are the only little kids that are here then and thankfully they didn't seem too heartbroken but the babies didn't quite understand why everyone else was getting gifts and they weren't. I guess next year I will have to remember to have an extra gift for them to open at the same time. Unless of course we skip Christmas next year... which sounds sooooo good right now.

Anyway... Saturday night we had John's mom's side of the family Christmas and then our immediate family Christmas (with John's parents & brothers). The kids got a couple books, a couple outfits, a couple movies and were all around happy with everything. John's mom and I both got his brother the same thing... TWICE! This is why I don't tell two people the same thing. He says it's so he KNOWS he will get it. I'd rather go buy it myself than have to worry about returning something. That's just me, I guess.

I went shopping on Sunday for some clearance Christmas stuff and ended up getting the kids some new Ohio State shirts. It makes me kinda glad that they aren't readily available EVERYWHERE in Iowa or else we might be in trouble. Kadie wore hers yesterday and wants to wear it again today. The ironic part is she spent the day at my mom's yesterday and we are going there again today... they are Michigan fans HAHA! We are just doing a gift exchange over there this year but it should still be fun. John is bringing two of our Wii games and I am looking forward to a family snowball fight (if the snow will pack)!

Tomorrow is Adam's birthday and our plans are not set yet. We have a pic appointment at Portrait Innovations to get Adam and Sara's birthday pictures done and I am hoping to get my brother and his family in there too so we can get all the cousins together and a pic of all of us for my mom. I suppose I should probably see if my stepsister and stepbrother can make it so ALL the kids are in there, and we should see if we can get our little sister on my dad's side so we can give him one too. After that we are hoping to go sledding, but it looks like the snow is melting. Not sure what our dinner plans are (Adam's pick) and then we are hoping to go see the Lights at the Toledo Zoo. Hopefully it's not too cold!

New Years Eve we were invited to a kid friendly party with promises of booze and Wii! Can't beat that, can you?! Not sure if we are going or not, but with no plans... I don't see why we wouldn't. And then New Years Day is the Rose Bowl! Can't miss that. My aunt wants us to come over at some point but not sure what time... just hope it's way before the game starts so we can be back here to watch it. I mean, I suppose we could always watch there, but the house is too small and too crowded. Guess we will play it by ear.

Our last Christmas is at my dad's on Saturday (the 2nd). Since my brother wasn't getting in town until yesterday and my dad works during the week, I figured that would be the best time to do it. No time has been set yet, but I am thinking sometime in the afternoon. Guess I should find out what we are eating and if I should bring something.

Yah, so that is our week coming up and I still need to get together with a few people... I hate when I am in town and can't get together with friends. There are a couple I haven't seen in FOREVER and miss so much but we always seem to not be in town at the same time or not make the time to get together when we are. Something needs to change, I think.

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