Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Yah yah yah... no surprise there, right?! Ok, so the blog is going to be put on the back burner this week. We are getting some massive snow storm tonight (we already got 3 inches this morning) and I have been busy with stocking the cupboards and preparing for any problems we may encounter, like having firewood for the fireplace in case the power goes out (which they say could happen, and for an extended period of time... and that would not be fun without a toasty fire) and making sure my snowed in kids can be kicked out of the house if need be (but I promise when it is below zero I won't leave them out too long, heehee, joking!)

So anyway... in case I don't get back to bloggerland this week, that is why. I promise I will come back with snowy pics though cause the kids and I had a blast playing outside today :)


Christopher And Tia said...

So while it sounds stressful, it also sounds oh so exciting! I'd love to get snowed in. We've been thunder stormed in, and heat'd in, but never snowed in.

Enjoy your cozy warm fire! Just the thing to put you in the Christmas spirit, right?

Penz said...

Wow. your gonna have a fun fun time. :) Hope all goes well though and you dont have any issues with the power. Stay warm and take care.