Monday, December 14, 2009

Movie Review Monday

Boondock Saints:
My husband bought this movie on Blu-Ray yesterday. He put it in last night and I must say, as much as I didn't want to watch it, I stayed up for almost the entire thing. My attention was divided between the movie and Facebook, but for the most part I couldn't take my eyes off the movie... neither could my two 3yr olds. Not really something they should be watching, so thankfully one of them fell asleep pretty quick. If you have not seen this, it is very violent (the main characters are offing all the bad guys in town) and very colorfully worded. Every other word had to be a swear word. While there was a lot of blood, I didn't think it was very gory (is that even how you spell that?!). A great, action packed movie. So I guess my friend Trista was right... she said I would like it, then I would want to go see the new Boondock Saints movie. I am thinking we need to find a sitter and make it a double date, what do you think?!

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