Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thrifty Thursday

My Thrift Thursdays always start out with FREE breakfast at Chick Fil A. The restaurant here in Davenport, on 53rd St, is offering a free breakfast item every Thursday until the end of the year. I am not sure what we will do when they stop offering it, but for now, it has become a great weekly outing for our playgroup.

I am not sure what this week's entree is but they offer one of the following each week... chik'n'minis, biscuits & gravy, chik'n'biscuit, or cinnamon clusters. Since I only ever have just Sara and Adam with me I only end up spending less than $5 for us to eat breakfast. Three of the free items, two chocolate milks, an orange juice and order of hashbrowns and we are good to go.

We usually hang around for an hour or so and chit chat with friends. The kids always run off and play in the indoor play area. Our Chick Fil A even offers mouthwash in the bathrooms to promote good dental hygiene and hand sanitizer wipes for when the kid's are done playing to prevent the spread of germs. It is a very family friendly place and a great breakfast on a budget.

Do you guys have any places like that?!

I usually head over to Target afterwards and I always, always, always check their clearance rack. There is one hidden over behind electronics, near the hardware stuff. You can usually find some cheap games but sometimes their clearance prices just aren't low enough for me so I pass it up. They have them located in several areas throughout the store, so you just have to keep your eyes open. I also look for unadvertised deals, especially on Blu Rays. A lot of times I can find them for 20 bucks or less but I have to stop myself from buying them EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I walk in there LoL We just got our Blu Ray player in August and we already have at least 20 Blu Rays. Yes, my hubby is spoiled.

Do you guys know where to find the clearance racks in your store of choice?

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