Monday, December 21, 2009

Movie Review Monday

Would you believe it if I told you we haven't watched any movies this week?! Yah, I wouldn't believe it either. Now the real question is, have I watched anything I haven't reviewed yet. My brain doesn't seem to want to work this morning so the answer to that question is still unknown.

Last night I had intended on going to see a new movie with a couple of friends. Either Precious or The Blind Side sounded good and were at a good time too. However, I decided that I like hanging out and chit chatting with my friends and sitting in a movie for two hours would make that near impossible... no, I take that back... it would be impossible because I am not a movie talker. It drives me nuts, so I won't do it to others.

Anyway, amid all my rambling about not going to a movie, I remembered a movie we have seen recently that I know I haven't reviewed because it was the first time ever seeing it. Ever hear of the movie Taken? No? I don't know... maybe you have, but I know I didn't. When I read the description after John getting it from Netflix though, it made me want to see it. So after having lost the movie for two weeks we finally watched it.

Taken: A 17yr old girl is kidnapped in Paris along with her friend. The locals are trafficking young women travelling alone in the country, getting them addicted to drugs and turning them for profit. The father of the 17yr old happens to be on the phone with his daughter when the girls are kidnapped and he just so happens to be ex-military with friends in high places. He heads off to find his daughter which he only has 96hrs at best, to do. The movie was very intense and very good. Think Bond saving the girl and killing 1267 people in one shot. Ok, so most of it wasn't believable but what action movie antics are?! It was still a good movie. Pick it up the next time you are out (or get it from Netflix, at least it isn't going to cost you extra if you don't like it, right?)

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