Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fun Photo Friday - Toys R Us

When we got to Toys R Us the parking lot wasn't too bad. We pulled through a spot on the far end of the parking lot hoping to be able to get out quickly when we ran in, got what we needed and ran back out. The line wasn't too long either. They had carts forming a barrier so people couldn't push their way in the front of the line at the door when they opened and we were just past the end of those carts, near the exit... so not too far back at all. As time got closer we heard people saying that TRU was going to be handing out coupons for their popular items to the first 100 people but we didn't know what it was for. People were speculating and someone else said that it was for Zhu Zhu Pets, the hottest toy of the year... but we never saw them advertised any where. Sure enough, when they came out though, they handed out 100 tickets for those cute, battery operated hamsters. We got ours, but not without a little drama. One woman, who claims to have been in line just behind us, walked up to where we were standing trying to get a ticket. The people in front of us were yelling that she wasn't in line, we said the same thing, and she yells back "My daughter has been standing RIGHT back here!" Ok, maybe that was true but if it was, you could have been standing with your daughter waiting to get your ticket and would have gotten one without jumping in front of other customers. We, however, had not seen her once since we got in line. 30 minutes later, the doors opened. As we got up near the door a woman tried pushing her way through the cart barrier and got into an altercation with the people in front of us. The line jumping woman pushed a 16 year old and the mom was about to beat some ass... actually she threatened to shoot her in the head if she touched her daughter again. I intervened and stopped the fight. I told the people in front of us to just go in and the lady to go back to the end of the line. She said, "Get your arm off of me." to which I replied, "We have been standing in line since 930 (close, but not exactly true) and they have been waiting longer, you need to go back to the end of the line." Her only retort was that they lady in front of us threatened her, which some how gave her the rights to go in without waiting for hours like the rest of us. A manager and security came out and I finally made my way in to the store. I heard they let her come in anyway... but whatever. The store was crowded... I grabbed some cheap diapers to make a diaper cake (I had coupons on top of it) and Kristina & Trista headed over to the video game section. They gave away the game Kristina was looking for right in front of her, and then found the game I was looking for. We headed up the check out and didn't wait for very long. TRU does it where they have arrows where the line goes... usually within an hour of opening the line wraps around the entire inside of the store but we were lucky to get our stuff and get in line within about 10 minutes. I gave my coupon to Kristina for my Zhu Zhu Pet but they wouldn't let her use two, so I ended up paying for hers (and she gave me the cash for it). As I was checking out my total came to $143... and there was NO WAY! It should have been like $80. I always have issues at Toys R Us. I may never shop there again... at least not when I am trying to get a deal. Anyway, it turned out one the video games I was getting was not on sale like I had read on a deal blog (or maybe it wasn't on sale until 5am... they did run some deals starting at midnight and others starting at 5) so I had her take that off and then another game was the wrong game, thanks to the employee back there. And it wasn't only me he did it to... it was EVERYONE that asked for it. We finally got everything fixed and taken care of, but I think checking out took longer than finding what we wanted. We then had to wait for Trista to take a potty break... when we left TRU the line was STILL super long out the door. We then headed over to Old Navy. They were opening at 3am.

In line at TRU

The line in front of us The line goes on FOREVER
I read that several businesses had full parking lots at 130am

The checkouts at TRU around 1230am

Waiting for Trista

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