Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fun Photo Friday - The Rest of Our Experience

After leaving Old Navy we went straight to Kohl's. We got there at 359am... the line was super long and there was hardly any parking. We waited a couple minutes in the car for them to open the doors then headed over. We quickly found what we wanted and got in line. I check the line on the opposite side of the store and to my surprise I could not find the end... both lines merged in the middle of the back of the store, so we stayed where we were. There was no drama and the line went pretty quick.

We got to Target at 445am. The line wrapped around the store and we had considered waiting for the doors to open at 5am before heading in but am glad we didn't. The line went from the front door, all around the side of the building and more than halfway around the BACK of the store. Thankfully the line moved quick into the store and people were NOT crazy. We went straight into the video game section... I got the movies I wanted AND the LAST of one of the video games I wanted. We then headed over the home section where I found the mixer I was looking for. To my surprise I found EVERYTHING on my list and we were in line within an hour. We checked out, took a potty break and got our FREE medium drink!

We then headed over to Walmart. We couldn't hardly find anything we were looking for but did find some great deals. Trista got a Sony Blu Ray player for $30 less than it was advertised for and a game was half off of what she thought it was... so it was a GREAT trip for her!

After Walmart we headed over to Kmart and saw Santa on a bike! He was nice enough to pose for a picture but I swear he was following us :p I found a couple things I was looking for but not everything. The line even went pretty quick and again, no drama.

We then decided to head to my house for breakfast since it was about 8am but when we got home the kitchen was still a disaster from Thanksgiving and breakfast wouldn't be for awhile. Kristina started falling asleep so we decided to head on over to the mall. Our feet were feeling a little better so it was a good break. Unfortunately, coming home first made us just BARELY miss out on getting the free tote bag from Victoria's Secret. I did get a few people crossed off my list and we made it home just in time for breakfast.

Kristina and I ate a little bit of breakfast then us tired out mamas fell asleep on the couch. Kristina left before Trista and I even woke up. We napped for about 30-40 minutes... it was a good cat nap. I then went back to bed after 3pm when my in laws left and slept until 7 this morning.

All in all it was a great Black Friday... it was cold, crazy and crowded but it was FUN!

The check out line in front of us at Kohl's

Waiting at Kohl's
The front of Target at 445am
The side of Target at 445am
The back of Target at 445am
Inside Target
Waiting to check out at Target
Look it's Santa!
See, he's following us!
*I didn't get any pics at Walmart or the mall, sorry*

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