Friday, February 20, 2015

Blah Ditty Blah

I've been trying to come up with things to blog about all week and feel like I just can't piece my thoughts together enough to put it into words for the world to read.

I've thought about writing about pet peeves but it was really only about one pet peeve... and then I found myself guilty of said pet peeve and just couldn't bring myself to judge others for driving me absolutely bat shit crazy with their lack of regard when it comes to how their children ride in the car when I, myself, just did exactly what I HATE! More accurately, I let my kid get away with something that I am totally against. I guess part of that comes from being a parent... we all make mistakes and let some things slide when we know we shouldn't. I really don't want to get into this, which is why I never started writing about it in the first place.

I had thought about writing a What's For Dinner Wednesday post but Wednesdays are our busiest soccer practice days so what would I say in my post? Dinner, what's that? It was probably leftovers or a WYCF night. That's "whatever you can find," meaning cereal, ramen, a nutella sandwich, or easy mac because my kids are very capable of getting those all on their own. Oh, actually, we had McDonald's on Wednesday. My son had a dr's appointment and missed an entire day of school because of it, then I dropped my van off to get an oil change and alignment which took a lot longer than anticipated so we ended up in the McDonald's drive thru. I had a Happy Meal... pretty much the healthiest thing on the menu LoL

I even considered getting back into Fun Photo Friday but today is Friday and I have no fun photos to share. I am big into Facebook so when I have photos to share I share them there. <- a="" all="" always="" amazing="" an="" and="" anyway="" are="" as="" besides="" big="" blog="" blurry="" book="" camera="" captured="" compared="" computer="" dark="" defense="" did="" does="" don="" dr.="" dull="" even="" for="" get="" going="" good="" have="" i="" if="" in="" internet.="" is="" it="" joy.="" jump="" just="" kinda="" like="" looks="" manage="" mars="" moon="" my="" nbsp="" not="" of="" often="" on="" out="" over="" p="" part="" pictures="" pop="" problem.="" screen="" see="" seuss="" shot="" so="" sounds="" t="" take="" that="" the="" they="" to.="" to="" tonight.="" totally="" tripod="" try="" turn="" up="" used="" venus="" what="" will="" with="" you="">
I did get my Movie Review Monday post in... and I have one planned for next week already since I watched two new movies this week. I asked my brother in law for "The Purge" for Christmas, and he bought me both "The Purge" and "The Purge: Anarchy." My 12 year old watched the first one with me (well, part of it), and chickened out from watching the second one. Oh well, he probably shouldn't be watching so much gory crap anyway... look at me sounding like a helicopter parent, ha!

There is one post that I want to put out there soon but I have to get the words right. It will be about parents... the kind that are essentially forced to be parents to kids that aren't there own but they push through, and they drop everything for those kids without regret. I know someone that did that 9mths ago and she just received the best news this week. More on that later, though. Like I said, it needs to be worded perfect and I should probably start with the back story.

So yeah, that's my blog for now... just kinda blah. I told you, quantity over quality, right? Just please continue to read... all like 5 of you, and I know at least one of you lives with me ;)

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