Thursday, February 5, 2015

Call Me Crazy

If you have been following me on Facebook, MyFitnessPal, MapMyRun, or here at Such is My Life, then you know I just recently started running again. Along with eating healthier, I have managed to lose a little weight and gain more confidence in myself.

When we lived in Washington, I actually ran two 5k mud runs with obstacles. I didn't do any training for the first go around, and the second year I was involved with a fitness group (that I loved and miss so much!). I did that one with my sister so it slowed my time a bit but I wasn't worried about that. We had a lot of fun, got really dirty, and finished it!

Then this past November, I signed the whole family up for a color run. It was Color Vibe at Aloha Stadium and we had a blast. Lexi ran with John, finishing first out of our group. Followed shortly after by me and my boys. The younger girls stayed with our friend, Kristi, and came in not too long after we did. We came home a colorful mess, with a fun story to tell about my kids' first 5k.

To think, I didn't run a 5k until I was 30 and my youngest was only 7 when she ran hers! It's amazing the world my kids are growing up in where running and fun races are a trend that so many of us can get behind.

I never really saw myself as a runner until recently. It's easily my favorite workout. I love challenging myself to complete the miles, which I am always proud to say I did. And shaving minutes off my pace is great. I love watching my progress and feeling it.

Now comes the crazy part! I have bitten the bullet and committed to running a Spartan Sprint at Aloha Stadium. Technically I am not fully committed since I haven't registered yet (one of the Army life perks, must wait til the 15th). I fully intend to register and I fully intend to complete the race on March 15th. It's only 5wks away and my upper body strength is pretty non-existant, but then again I have 5wks to work on that.

I was nervous about whether I should do it or not but after watching a couple of videos from last year's Spartan at the same venue, I am confident that I can do it. Do it well? That's yet to be determined. The part I am actually most worried about is all the stairs. I HATE STAIRS! Almost as much as I hate burpees! And did you know if you cannot complete an obstacle you are required to complete 30 burpees??? Yikes! Never the less, I am all in!

Speaking of all in, I have two friends that BETTER do this with me! You know who you are! We are even planning a couple of other races for April. One is a 10k bridge run. How awesome to be able to say I ran the Ford Island Bridge? Not many people can say that, right? And if this is my last year in Hawaii, I better get to it. Then there is a 5k road race the week after the bridge run which should be easy peasy after all is said and done.

The hubby is also signing up for a race this year. The Hibiscus Half Marathon in May. I am not that ambitious, but it sounds like a great run through Diamond Head. It will be his second half marathon. His first was back in November at the Disneyland Avengers Half.

So yeah, wish us luck! I know I am going to need it! LoL

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