Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Thrive Comes to a Close

I finished out my samples of Thrive last week. It was quite an interesting experience, to say the least. I began it at the same time I began my healthier eating habits, and getting in some more regular exercise so I cannot say for sure what to attribute to the Thrive Lifestyle, and what to attribute to a regular healthy lifestyle change.

What I can tell you is this:

Thrive was pretty great. It helped curb my appetite. It seemed to give me a bit of an energy boost in the middle of the day when I typically began to feel tired. I did lost about 5lbs while on Thrive, as well. On the negative side, I began experiencing headaches almost nightly. I would even wake up with a headache. Everything Thrive offers has caffeine in it, and on top of that I was still drinking home brewed coffee and stopping in at Starbucks for an afternoon latte. Even for me, that is a lot of caffeine.

Since ending my trial period, I have noticed less headaches. When I do get them, they are not nearly as strong as they had been. I am sticking to my low calorie diet and sneaking in some walks/runs when I get the motivation and/or time to do so. My weight loss has plateaued but at the same time, I wasn't running/walking for a few days.

I use MyFitnessPal to track my calories consumed and calories burned. I also use MapMyRun to track my workouts. Both apps are a great motivator. I have logged into MFP 15 days in a row now. I love MMR because it lets me see how fast I am running/walking and I will know if I need to slow down or steady my pace. I recommend both apps if you are considering losing weight and/or getting healthier this year.

Do I recommend Thrive? Sure. Try it out for yourself. Everyone will view it differently. There are plenty of people out there that love this product. I just wasn't so in love with the cost. In a time of the unknown with my husband's job, and a year where I am dealing with a lot financially, I just could not see spending the extra money on a supplement. I will find other, cheaper, easier, ways to get my energy up. My appetite has not gone back up since coming off of Thrive, so I have that going for me. However, if my situation changes and I need a little help, I'll definitely reconsidering trying out Thrive for the full 8wk experience.

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