Tuesday, February 10, 2015


If you come here to read my Movie Reviews and you feel they are too vague, I want you to know I do that on purpose. I am by no means a real critic. Just your average movie watching mama. I hate reading reviews that give away half the plot and leave you with little surprises. This is also why I hate reading a book before seeing a movie... unless I read the book well in advance, then I don't remember what all happened so everything is new again LoL

Just know that my reviews are as honest as possible without revealing too much of the movie so that you may watch it without it being ruined. More often than not, I want you to check out the movie just so you can form your own opinion. I watch what I want because I think I might like it, so chances are my reviews are not going to be "I hated that, it was so bad, do not watch it." Actually, I would never tell anyone not to watch something. Everyone has differing opinions, so go out there and form your own. I, for one, would hate to miss out on a movie that everyone told me was horrible and come to find out it was just my style. Of course, how would I know I was missing out unless I actually went ahead and watched it despite the horrible reviews.

So, that's my disclaimer. I don't want to spoil anything for anyone that may be considering seeing a certain movie. I also don't want to tell anyone not to see something based on MY opinion of it. Never the less, I will put my opinion out there for anyone looking for a little more info on a movie before they go out and see it.

One more thing, there are quite a few times where I will say it's better to wait for DVD but that's only because I'm cheap and the movies are frickin' expensive!

Now, go watch a movie! Or read more of my blog... whatever you want to do, it's your choice :)

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