Monday, February 16, 2015

Movie Review Monday

This weekend, a much anticipated and much criticized movie was released in theaters. Unless you have been living under rock, I know you know what I am talking about. 50 Shades of Grey!

This movie covered the first book of the 50 Shades series based on a BDSM relationship that was derived from Twilight fan fiction. No wonder it has gotten so much heat, and not the good kind. I actually liked the book. I wasn't sure if I would but it really pulls you in.

As for the movie, it was ruined for me due to all the criticism the series has received. I had heard the sex scenes were horrible. I had heard the sex scenes were straight up porn. I had heard that anyone who actually likes the books and movie are idiots with no sense of what real literature really is.

Let me start by saying that no one reads a saucy novel to pick apart the errors made by the author. Poor grammar can be overlooked when the book sucks you into the fantasy world within the pages. No one is claiming this is a work of amazing literature. What they are saying though is this book offers the reader what any book offers, the chance to live vicariously through the characters. No one should be called unitelligent just because they like this series.

I should probably get to my movie review at some point or I could probably sit here and type out my opposition to the haters and not be able to stop. So without further adieu... the review of 50 Shades of Grey, the movie.

When the movie started everyone in our theater continued to talk. Not even in a children's movie are the theater goers that disprectful at the beginning of a movie. We actually had to turn and shush some younger guys that just wouldn't shut up. Eventually it quited down significantly but there were a few snickers and even a very heated sounding, "Oh my god!" at one point that kind of took away from the movie. If I could see the movie for the first time at home, instead of in the theater with ignorant patrons, I may have enjoyed it more than I did.

The movie seemed to follow the book better than I had anticipated. Usually I don't remember the book so I'm pleasantly surprised by what happens in the movie but this time there were no surprises. I remembered most everything that was going on and I remember thinking several times, "Oh, this is about to happen..."

The sex scenes were very well done, albeit a bit on the pornographic side. They were hot and heavy and very realistic looking. My friend made the comment that the actor playing Christian Grey didn't want his wife to see the movie... and we can completely understand why! Both actors have very nice bodies that were accented very well on the big screen and for a book that centers around this kind of relationship, it didn't overpower the rest of the movie. Yes, there was sex in the movie. Yes, the sex was pretty graphic. Yes, it probably left some people ready to fuck in the backseat of their cars before going home. But, it was not all sex. It was not at all raunchy. It was as classy as you can get given the nature of the book in the first place.

The reason I say the movie was ruined was because I couldn't just sit there and enjoy the movie for what it was. A fictional movie, based on a fictional book. I am usually really good about just enjoying something for what it is. I don't nit pick or laugh at something saying, "that wouldn't happen!" like a lot of people tend to do, especially those that are involved in whatever lifestyle is being portrayed in the movie. Regardless of how I usually am, I found myself constantly being reminded of the criticism. I would be watching a scene and think, "Oh, that's what they meant by that." or, "this sex scene is pretty good, why would they think it was bad?" or, "people really are freaking out about this?" So, it kept me distracted from actually enjoying a movie that I was really looking forward to seeing.

My recommendation: Re-read the book. Get yourself back into the 50 Shades mindset that made me anticipate this movie so much. Wait til the hoopla dies down and go with your spouse or best friend when the theater is nearly empty.  Or just wait for the DVD and make it a night in. If you haven't read the book and you only want to see this to see what all this hoopla is about, go in with an open mind. If you go in with negativity in your mind then you will not enjoy it. I actually liked the movie, I just would have enjoyed it more if I wasn't so distracted by all the haters and the snickering from the crowd around me.

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