Monday, April 7, 2008

Adam's Breakfast

Have you always wanted to give your child the best breakfast you could? Well now you can with the NEW Breakfast of Toddler Champions, as eaten by my very own 2 year old son, Adam. There is 100% guarantee of food ending up on the floor, on the walls or in their hairs. We are not to be held responsible for any damages caused by this breakfast. Feed to your child at your own risk.

Just follow these simple steps

Step 1: Give in to toddler's incessant screaming for a "katart" which he will eventually crumble all over the table and/or floor

Step 2: After he is finished with the poptart make him a waffle because he is eating all of his brother's. This waffle he will only take a few bites of before asking for whatever it is that someone else has.

Step 3: Give him half of the banana that you were giving to his little sister. He will most likely throw it across the room then want it back.

Step 4: Sit him back at the table with waffle and banana that has been rinsed off. It won't take long for him to throw the banana on the floor again and get down from the table.

Step 5: Appease him with an Elmo sippy cup of milk which will then make little sister cry for her own when he teases her with it.

Step 6: Get another sippy for little sister and then tell him no, he cannot have a banana since he threw his on the floor.

Step 7: Let him cry for a minute while you eat the rest of the banana he brought to you and he will eventually stop asking for food since everyone else is eating.

I hope you get as much satisfaction out of this breakfast as my family and I do. Again, we do not accept any responsibility for any mishaps that incur from following this breakfast. Good luck... you're gonna need it!

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