Tuesday, April 15, 2008

All Hail Uncle Scott

I don't know how he did it, or what he did... just wow.

I convinced him to stay with the kids for a bit so I could run and get some cookies and cream shakes from Chick Fil A for a friend and myself. Well, he said I couldn't run, but I could drive really fast. LoL Anyways, staying here with the kids was not the amazing part. What amazed me was I left the house at 824pm and the kids were NOT in bed. I told them to get in bed but they weren't listening, of course. When I got home at 841pm they were either sleeping or REALLY quiet.

OMG! I could not believe it. I asked him if he actually did tape them up because it was too damn quiet in the house. He assured me he did not... I guess they just need that male figure to whoop them into submission. He said he did have to spank Lexi, she was a brat ALL day and she was shocked that he actually did which then made Jacob shut his mouth and go to sleep because he did NOT want his favorite uncle beating his butt too.

I asked Scott if he would come do that EVERY night. I even told him he could move back in here if he wanted LoL He said I must be crazy... you all already know that I am though. He stayed and kept me company for awhile. It was fun having another adult to chat with... especially one that makes me laugh and talks more than I do HA!

So all together now...


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