Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm Back!

Did you miss me? I know you did! I missed you too. My sweet little blog, with all my sweet little stories... What? Oh, right... I must be thinking of another blog HA!

Things have been so crazy busy the last two weeks. It's just insane. I had my sister come in last Wednesday. A Mom's Night that same night. Left for Louisiana the next day. My brother's wedding was that weekend. I came back on Monday night. Had appointments and grocery shopping on Tuesday, play date on Wednesday and more shopping today. Also had to take my sister back to the airport yesterday. It was about time... we can only tolerate each other for so long before we start biting each other's heads off with every comment that escapes the other's lips. We really do love each other... it's a love/hate relationship.

The wedding was a blast. My brother and his wife are so in love... at least for the night they were. Let's see how long that actually lasts. HA! They were so stinkin' cute though! They sang to each other during their first dance and just had so much fun all weekend. There were times the bride was stressed and pissed off but that is to be expected. I took 595 pictures. Now to edit, post to a public site, print and create their album. What joy! No, it should be fun to do... I like that sort of thing. It's just finding the time to do it.

Some strange guy asked me to dance at the wedding. It was the bride's cousin and I agreed for the simple fact that there was NO ONE else to dance with. There were seriously two bachelors there and BOTH wanted me... I do not kid you. They said it, out loud, right in front of me. Of course I was oblivious to this until it was pointed out to me... they were a couple of rednecks too! LoL

The kids were very well behaved throughout the whole night. Sara even conked out in her pack n play, in the hall, with music so loud that Jacob was covering his ears. She would have been asleep much sooner had the older kids not climbed in with her every chance they got. They just loved playing with her. Jacob danced with his ears covered most of the night and Adam ran around like a wild man making friends with everyone. Kadie played with the older girls and Lexi sat in a corner after no one would take her back to the hotel room.

Jacob made friends with the hottie bartender. He was really sweet. He made me a version of a mixed drink called Voodoo Punch. It was SOOOOO good. I spent $15 on them... after three I was feeling good. Definitely didn't need that many before going out to the bar after the wedding.

It was so nice of my sister to watch the kids for me while I went out to the bar with Jay, Moira, Jenna, my mom, Uncle Tony and Aunt Pam. It was nice to get away for atleast a couple of hours without the kids. I had a couple guys hitting on me and one got a little too touchy feeling. He wanted me to go smoke a fatty with him but I thought he was trying to kidnap me... I've seen too many movies! We got back to the hotel a little after 130am when I started feeling too tipsy to stand and I didn't want to get myself into trouble.

The next day we went into New Orleans. My first time in the Big Easy with my kids... walking down Bourbon Street... didn't even have a drink besides the end of my sister's Hand Grenade. The kids had a really good time and the adults did too. I did have one drink now that I think of it... a jello shot. That thing was so cool. It was in a HUGE "syringe" and tasted sooooo good. Being a Sunday most everything closed by 8 besides the bars so my mom and I left with the kids while the other "kids" stayed behind to party it up in NOLA! I watched my neice and she was too cute. She only cried for a little bit and she wanted me to hold her... totally unlike her. She is definitely a mama and daddy's girl. She fell asleep on the bed watching Shrek with her stuffed Puss in Boots that I gave her. I told her mommy and daddy would be back soon and her kitty would keep her safe. That seemed to appease her, yay! They didn't stay out too terribly late but my sister and stepsister decided to drink half the night away.

It felt like a dream but sometime after 3am my sister decided to show me pictures of them in Coyote Ugly. Totally jealous! I would have LOVED to go in there but I was with the kids. At one point before leaving New Orleans I thought my sister was gonna get hit by a van while trying to take a pic outside of Coyote Ugly... she is a crazy... anyways, I almost didn't remember her showing me the pics. I had to ask if it really happened or if it was a dream. Half the time my dreams feel real... havent had reality feel like a dream in FOREVER!

We headed back home Monday morning. I never got to go swimming but that's okay. But next time I offer to take pictures for someone I am making sure I have a good sitter to keep the kids out of my hair and that it isn't a wedding I might want to actually ENJOY! Don't get me wrong, I had a good time... just wish I wasn't bogged down with the camera the majority of the time. And the next time I go to NOLA I'm really going to enjoy everything it has to offer.

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