Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Let it be no joke...

I was going to post some random pics from over the years this morning while I procrastinating. Even though yesterday I was stressed about my landlord coming, I felt I had time to spend an hour posting pics into a blog. But "April Fool's" is what Blogger was telling me. I know I've used DropShots before to post pictures but this time it kept telling me the HTML was wrong. I changed anything I thought would effect it but NO, still something ELSE was wrong. UGH.

I spent the majority of the day cleaning. John's internet was out so I didn't have him bothering... err... loving on me. I am too easily distracted and I was kinda glad I had a chance to actually get some things done (thanks to Heather today and Tiffany yesterday... Chick Fil A was a nice touch too!).

Kadie had a doctor's appt. this afternoon. She did really well for not having been to the doctor in about, oh, 3 years. Yes, I know... slack ass mom. All my OTHER kids are up to date but she just happened to be born a couple months before moving and then we moved again while she was still rather young. It was a huge hassle with her shot records and I was just showing off my procrastination skills. But... I FINALLY got her in and she should be caught up by her birthday. So exciting because then I may be able to get her into atleast a half day preschool program. She had to get 4 shots today but they covered 6 immunizations. She did cry and called out for me... I stroked her hair and counted down her shots. "Just three more... just two more... one more and you can get a sticker and sucker." She held tight to Donkey and when she got down from the exam table she didn't even ask for me to carry her. HUGE thing with her.

We didn't get home until almost 5 and I noticed my front door was open. Knowing full well that I closed it, I ran in to check it out... I almost tripped over Lexi's bookbag. I was peeved... they should not have been at the house when I wasn't home. They were to stay at the neighbor's. Apparently Lexi, Jacob and the neighbor kid were all in the house. Jacob says his friend was into the cupboards getting a snack. Not sure I entirely believe that, but this is the same kid that comes in and immediately says he is hungry or asks for a snack. You live RIGHT across the street kid... do your parents not feed you??? Maybe I just have better snacks.

We had a late dinner of waffles and boiled eggs (and when I say we, I mean they, I made egg salad and then heated up left over raviolis that I didn't get to eat until about an hour ago). Nice combination, huh? Lexi ate both of her waffles, plus most of Adam's and some of Jacob's. She also had two cups of milk. Probably why she just felt like she was going to throw up. I'm really hoping that is ALL that it is. I cannot handle any sick kids right now.

The kids were told to get their pajamas on at 7. At that time I changed Adam & Sara and got them both ready for bed. Sara went down at 730 with a bottle of juice and no problems. I let the other 4 play until 8 in their rooms quietly. Lexi read her book, Jacob and Adam played with cars and looked at books, Kadie was sent to her room for not listening to me (I think that's why, can't even remember, how sad is that?) so she watched TV and threw a tantrum for a few minutes. Before I knew it it was 816 and I had not gone to turn out lights yet. I am so not a consistent parent... my biggest fault, by far. I walked into Lexi's room and she asked to finish the page she was on... I let her while I went and turned off Jacob's light. I found him in Kadie's room with her sound asleep on the bed and him watching TV. It took some coaxing but I finally got him into his room where I stepped in a wet spot on his floor. He seriously PEED on his floor, WHILE he was awake, AND he knew it, AND stayed in his wet underwear. DISGUSTING!!! I was very disappointed and let him know it. He knows better and can even tell me straight out what he is supposed to do and that he knows when he has to go. Is he begging for attention? I don't know but I was not happy. I gave him new underwear and tucked him into bed. Adam was already asleep... which is not surprising since he didn't nap today.

The surprising part was that my kids were either asleep or quiet by 816pm! Bedtime was NOT a hassle like it usually is. Jacob barely fought me, Adam went down almost seamlessly (with no binky, and hasn't had one in weeks, go mom! Dad would be proud of us both), Lexi didn't argue when it was time to close her book, and most shockingly, KAYDENCE, my 3 1/2 year old, I-do-what-I-want-when-I-want, mama's girl was ASLEEP before anyone else!!!! Can we get immunizations every day!? That has to be why she is asleep already...

And please, please, PLEASE do NOT let this be some sick April Fool's Day joke! I would absolutely die!

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Tiffany said...

LOL about the April Fools Day Joke - hey even if it's just for one day thats better than nothing right? Go Kadie for being a big girl at the doctors and going to bed without issues! I'm not sure I helped that much on Monday but i tried! Good luck with the landlord and I'm glad you got one night of peace!!